Hi from Dub Vee! (WV)

I just joined. Does anyone get bored with floorwork? I have been so bored with it I joined this forum. I am excited to hopefully make some friends in this forum that could mentor me in my Journey in Pole Dancing. Wish me luck as currently I am a beginners level pole dancer (started in the clubs) now I do it for expression and to collect my thoughts. I am so frustrated; however, because I have no pole. I like others who promote safety in a pole and therefore what I need in a pole sounds picky. The reason being that ceiling is open beam and I don't want to put one in my attic unless it is a stage or stage lite. This is out of respect of the landlord. If you have a stage, stage light and are somewhat nearby I would be willing to travel to buy a pole. If not, I will be going to x Pole's website to order a sport. I just don't have a lot of money. That is the truth. I wish my situation could be understood well. Anyways, I'm looking forward in success!
Have a good day!
Dec 4, 2019
Hi welcome!!! We have rented many places for years and I even drill into walls and beams without issue. It's easy to fill the holes needed for a pole mount. However, if you don't want to drill and the beams are not fake you can just put an xpole there. You would center it on the beam using the dome it comes with. I like to use the mounts tho. Unless the issue with the beam is that the ceiling is super high? Not sure what your situation is. Anyway, if you can go with a pole, I have stages too and I just don't care for the hard base with limited space.

Maybe you could try some chair work I have here until you have a pole?

Anyway, welcome!
Dec 5, 2019
Hi back from WV! In what part of the state do you live? I'm in Morgantown.

X-pole makes a great product, and it doesn't tend to be destructive when installed. I had stages when I started out teaching and agree with Veena that the bases can be limiting. They're also more expensive then a sport or x-pert. If you're unsure about installation, you could contact X-pole and talk to them about your situation. I had good luck when I needed to contact them.

Welcome and happy poling!
Dec 15, 2019
Lara von Mondberg
Pole dance and StudioVeena changed my life. I become stronger, more confident, more flexible and I found great friends. The lessons are extremely helpful. I am so grateful for this awesome experience!
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