Help needed with Lupit Pole install

I connected my lupit pole wrong by attaching the extensions to part a and part b to the extension. Now the pieces are literally stuck together. I would like to start over but can’t take the pole apart.

Any advice on how to safely disconnect the components? I’ve turned in multiple directions with no luck. I don’t want to damage the pole and I’ve already contacted Lupit. I figured I start with this community in case someone else messed up like me and fixed the issue!
Jan 15, 2022
Oh no! I've only set up a friends lupit once and can't recall how it went together... Hopefully someone else knows!
Jan 15, 2022
Teaching is a true gift and Veena has it. Besides an amazing performer, she thoroughly breaks down and demonstrates each move. I love the lessons! Being online makes them super flexible. And they are so affordable! Perfect!
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