Help me sooooo annoyed

Klolowther7961 Previous Paid Member
Just bought a xpole light from someone on Facebook , she had an extension to use in house and the xjoint is stuck in the extension so now I have a mini pole !! Which when your over 5ft 10 is crap !! Any ideas ? Thanks
16 days ago
Assuming you've you could try something like PB blaster. spray where the joint contacts the pole several times over a day and hopefully it would pull out. PB Blaster is the best thing I've found for loosening frozen metal components, WAY better than WD-40.
16 days ago
lynnty Paid Member
hahaha this photo is giving me life
14 days ago
Klolowther7961 Previous Paid Member
Cooking oil !!! It came out x
14 days ago
monica kay Paid Member
In case it helps anyone in the future, I've used a broom stick to push on the extension to help smack it out! (That only works if the pole diameter allows for the diameter of the broom*) ♥️
12 days ago
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Lol how big was the extension she was using? Looks barely bigger than the A pole XD
11 days ago
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