Help! I feel like I've tried everything for my slippery TG X-Pole...

nmschandl1278 Paid Member
Hello all! I apologize, because I know this question has been asked a million times. But I'm hoping to find some new ideas.

My titanium gold X-Pole is SO slippery it's really hurting my ability to practice! I've seen some people use the term "weeping" and that seems to describe my situation, when it's slippery it feels wet/greasy and no matter how tight my grip is I just slide right down.

I feel like I've tried everything. I've had the pole for almost 5 months, using it 3-5 times a week, wiping it down with alcohol SO MANY times a session, so the X-Pole factory coating should have worn off by now. I clean it with rubbing alcohol but I've also used Windex, nail polish remover (which I later learned is actually bad for TG, oops!), Veena's steam cleaner method, a space heater to warm the pole, and all sorts of grip aids. Nothing is helping me. I wipe down the pole between every single move and even then it's hit or miss whether I will stick.

If anyone has tried anything else that's worked for them, I'm desperate for other ideas! This is so frustrating and it's making me not want to use my pole.
May 15, 2020
What grip aids have you tried and do you have sweaty, dry or between skin?
May 16, 2020
nmschandl1278 Paid Member
Thank you for your response, Veena!

I have sweaty hands and the skin on my body is somewhere in between.

I use Tite Grip, which does wonders for making my hands stop sweating, and Dry Hands which can be hit or miss for me, sometimes it wears off after one move.

I've also tried powder and liquid Mighty Grip, but both made me and my pole even more slippery! I've also tried liquid chalk which just felt like a less effective version of Dry Hands.

I'm in Canada so unfortunately it's difficult for me to find many of the common grip aids, and they're often really expensive with shipping/exchange rate/etc.
May 16, 2020
I'm just finishing a pole finish video (won't be ready til next week). Those are the best grip aid options for sweat and in Canada. Aviod any that are waxy or moisture adding. TG finish and swear don't play well together. Brass or stainless is best. Maybe see if someone wants to do a pole swap or try selling yours?

I hear amazing things about Carpe lotion but also hear it's not in CA πŸ˜” Maybe so a search for antiperspirant hand lotion where you live?
May 16, 2020
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Bless you I do hope you find a solution. Sorry I can’t be of help. Really looking forward to the pole finishes video Veena! Xxx
May 16, 2020
amelia2000 Paid Member
I use vinegar to wipe down my chrome pole, maybe that might work for you?
May 17, 2020
Precylya Paid Member
I have the same issue and was about to ask for advice on the forum. My hand grip is ok but my body is the one not stiking well and i do not wear body lotion when i pole. I am unable to climb or remain sit on the pole. when i apply gripping lotion, my whole body gets super dry and i can not perform well, it hurts my skin so hard. I can not seem to find the right balance. its very frustrating I have a platinium pole. I will try cleaning the pole with vinegar...lets see. Also happy to hear any other tips :)
May 17, 2020
Jihaleh Paid Member
I find my TG pole SUUUPER slippy when its cold, but once it's warmed up its so incredibly grippy, and thankfully it warms up pretty quick.

I wash my hands with dish soap before practice (dries you out a little, but I do find it helpful, since I have to use handcreams from washing my hands all day at work). This is honestly the most holygrail thing I can suggest. Just make sure your hands are completely dry before starting, including under any watches or bracelets.

For sweaty hands, cream stick antiperspirants (I use a Dove one for both pits and hands on the daily, applied before bed) are also good for that. Carpe is a brand that is available in the US but I've not seen outside of there.

I use window cleaner wipes (they're generally dry, or very slightly damp), and/or a cheap vodka if I really need to clean it. It's essential to have a super clean pole for grip.

I've also found that dry hands is good, applied mostly to the fingers and between the fingers (which personally is where I sweat the most), on the pole (applied to hands, rub together, then spread of pole) for the first half of practice or for conditioning, cuz it can make spins kinda clunky.

The main thing though, is grip strength, and body strength. I know that's a slow and boring process, but no amount of grip aids or warm poles will save you if your grip isn't strong enough to hold you there, and the more pole you do the more your grip strength will be necessary as you sweat more. Pole holds, pole slides, and all of Veena's hand and forearm strength has been incredibly important personally.

Be mindful of what the grip issue is, if it "wet" - from sweat, from water, from oily or recently moisturized skin; is it "dry" - dry spin, overuse of grip aids (which can leave a talcy residue and reduce grip), from a cold pole; and you will find a solution that best suits. If it is both - its probably strength.
May 17, 2020
Jihaleh Paid Member
Just thought of a some other things that would affect slipperyness that are worth thinking about:

Environmental humidity: condensation may be building up and make your pole wet, particularly if its cold

Is the pole staying warm: I mentioned briefly that it gets hot pretty quick, but that also means it gets cold pretty quick unless its maintained, by either the environment or your body. Make sure it stays warm. Also practice a few pole slides and side pole holds so you can really warm the bulk areas. Your pits are great for that, much warmer than hands. Just make sure you're not super sweaty.

Alcohol can be used on hands, sparingly: If your hands just aren't cooperating, applying a small amount of alcohol like rubbing alcohol or vodka will strip that. Don't use a hand gel, it contains moisturisers, to counter the effects of the alcohol. Just be careful not to do it too much or you will seriously hurt your skin.

Consider body hair: scraggly pit hair was interfering with my grip until it became a regular habit for me.

Consider head hair: avoid fiddling with your hair, the grease, oils and sweat can interfere as well.

Thoroughly inspect your pole for damage: if left uncared for the finish will wear down, and it will lose its grip. Also check for any visible residue, don't just assume the cloth catches everywhere.

Consider your cleaning tools: when was the last time that cloth got cleaned? Its picking up all that yuck, and if not washed all that yuck will just be spread back on your pole.

Grip gloves: this really bottom of the barrel, because they're really not recommended, but they exist for a reason so its an option.

Sorry these got super lengthy but I hope you get something from it πŸ˜…
May 17, 2020
I'm glad you added the last Pole Hold lesson at the end, really help me understand the grip and scapula positioning better than I did before. Thnk you! :-)
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