Hello from an old-but-new poler

Bex5155 Paid Member
Hello 😁
I originally started pole back in 2014, stopped because I didn't feel right in my class, found a new class and restarted. Never really got past beginner, with some beginner-intermediate moves.
Then life took an awful turn in 2017 and I haven't been on a pole since. Which is horrible because I've had an X-pert all this time, living rent free in my lounge.
Back then, I found Veena but was always a lurker.
Over the last few months I've found myself gravitating back to pole, and rediscovered this site.
Last week I bit the bullet and paid for a subscription (thank you Veena for the mother's day discount!).
I'm on a weight loss journey and got a few lbs to lose before my sports bra fits, so in the meantime I've been watching the lessons.
And it's no wonder I couldn't gel in my physical classes. Watching the videos, I kept thinking it seemed a bit slow compared to the physical, that there were moves in more advanced groups that we were being asked to train in the physical classes. But now I've gone through Veena's lessons I can see how we were being rushed through beginners without laying down the proper ground work! I can see just how it will help in focusing on those early lessons to build the strength to execute the more difficult moves well.
I'm really excited to get going again - properly this time! My daughter wants to get involved too so we're doing it together.
So, Hello from the UK πŸ‘‹
May 14, 2022
Thanks for sharing! I hope you both enjoy the journey πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
May 14, 2022
Welcome back. πŸ’œ
May 15, 2022
Welcome back!
I find, putting off makes the beginning harder so, buy a new sports bra so you aren't waiting to lose the weight.
Also I never fit in in physical classes
May 17, 2022
Colleen Paid Member
Don’t wait to lose weight! Start now!
Sep 16, 2022
I'm the country and can't drive so I get lonely. This gives me a way to feel like I have a partner doing it with me.
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