Have you guys seen this!!???!!!

Jul 2, 2017
Let's try again....[www.youtube.com]

And NO....I wonder how sturdy it is! That looks like so much fun!!
Jul 2, 2017
polegramma Paid Member
That is exactly how I feel when I pole - like I'm a kid again and just having so much fun!
Jul 2, 2017
StrangeFox Paid Member
I would love that! A pole unencumbered by the ceiling... *sigh* And it would be nice to be able to pole outside.
Jul 2, 2017
robinska Paid Member
Yes!! I would absolutely want one as long as someone could assure me it was stable with an adult's weight on it! ;)
Jul 3, 2017
grayeyes Paid Member
Yesss! I am obsessed with finding a way to pole outside. The pole at my local playground is just not all enough--and the kids seem to think it's for them to play on!
Jul 5, 2017
Kellye Perkins Previous Paid Member
Thanks to your site I am stronger than I ever was, even when I was in the Army after basic training and jump school!!!
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