Hard to find the most recent posts.

Hi, not sure if I'm just a dinosaur and can't figure out how to navigate the new layout of this site, but I'm having a lot of difficulty finding the most recent uploads/posts/discussions. Lately it seems like they are shuffled from throughout the years instead of in order from newest to oldest. Idk. Sorry if I'm just not seeing how to display or search properly or if I missed the post regarding this update if that's just how it's gonna be now. Very confused.

Jan 16, 2023
The weekend newsletter will always show what was posted that week. There hasn't been anything so I've boosted a few post from before so new users are aware of important posts.
Jan 16, 2023
I switched to StudioVeena lessons when I could no longer work with my local studio's schedule. Veena does an amazing job teaching. Not only are the quality of these online lessons unbeatable they are also extremely cost effective. A definite must have!
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