Grip and sliding

Joycewsmith8874 Paid Member
Having so much trouble. I use grip then I can’t spin
May 27, 2022
Do you need grip aid, is there a reason why you use it? No every one does. Unless you have hands that sweat so much you slip then grip aid on the hands isn't needed.
May 27, 2022
Lavenia Price Previous Paid Member
I use grip aid sparingly. Usually when learning new moves, specifically inverts or when the weather is funny and I can't seem to do anything. My hands and feet sweat regularly and I have learned to grip through the sweat, unless I am dripping wet all over I usually cam pole through it and just use a microfiber cloth or towel.
May 27, 2022
You might find some other pole pages have very fancy music, video editing and clothes. You won't find this in Veena's Studio, but you will find a professional who teaches the pole moves from its foundation and pays attention to conditioning avoid injuries
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