Gloves and grip stuff

amelia2000 Paid Member
Thinking of getting some pole gloves... my hands sweat so it's hard to freestyle for more than 2 minutes without needing to wipe pole/ hands...

I've read that you need to use some other grip stuff underneath the it enough to use Dry Hands? Or do I need Mighty Grip? Because as far as I am aware Dry Hands is just to stop hands sweating- is that enough?
Jan 13, 2019
Everyone's skin reacts uniquely to their poles. What type of metal is yours? For Chrome and stainless steel, I've found that dry hands is the absolute best. You may need to apply often, and more so than maybe others, but it really helps. Wiping your pole down with alcohol before during and after as well. Also, try washing your hands with dish soap before your session. Hope this helps!

Jan 14, 2019
I've used gloves by mighty grip once and found it didn't work for me, only because they didn't stay in place well enough. Dry hands might help enough under the gloves, it's worth a try. Just make sure you get the right size glove!
Jan 15, 2019
Ditto what Veena said about the gloves. I feel exactly the same way. I was so excited when I got them thinking I would stick like glue and be able to hold and practice some cool stuff. They made me feel very unstable. I never use them.
Jan 17, 2019
amelia2000 Paid Member
Thanks...I still want to try them but it's annoying paying for postage just for an item which may or may not work :(
Jan 17, 2019
Just saw this, so sorry my reply is so late. I have sweaty hands that work best on my brass pole. When I am on chrome at the studio I use Lupit grip. It is the only thing that works and that I don't go through bottles of at a time.
Mar 26, 2019
amelia2000 Paid Member
maybe I should try Lupit Grip then... I had seen it but wasn't quite sure what it was hehe. Definitely looks like a nifty little product :P
Mar 28, 2019
I am starting over and finding that your way is much better then what I was taught the first time around. I might have been level 2 and performing what you have as advanced but it wasn't safely taught nor was there any strength training.
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