Getting back to Pole Dance after a (very) long break

SelinaTwice Previous Paid Member
I'm new to the community and I love the content on this page, I'm glad I found it!
I started to take pole dance classes 3 years ago and short after, I installed a pole at home to be able to train at my pace. I really can't say I made so much of a progress in my pole journey even though I sticked to a training schedule of 3 times a week. After a year, I still couldn't perform a basic invert without any assistance...this got me questioning everything, I started to think I wasn't "made" for that, that my body wouldn't just never "cooperate" despite the conditioning training.
Now, it's been a year and 8 months I haven't been able to practice as I'm abroad, away from my home. There isn't any pole studio to be found anywhere near my place.
My question to the community is, do you think it's still possible to get back to pole dance after a couple years of no practice ? Do the moves ever "come back" ?
I'm trying to get some workout done though, but it's definitely not the same intensity and rythm as when I was working out around the pole.
Did anyone experienced the same situation ?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you !
Apr 24, 2021
It's totally possible and I've seen lots of people come back here after years away! The lessons are prefect for helping you get back into the swing of things :)
Apr 25, 2021
SelinaTwice Previous Paid Member
Hi Veena!
Thanks a lot for letting me know 😊
Apr 25, 2021
VERY possible.... I haven't been on my pole in a few years but I'm starting up again now too; things are coming back -- muscle memory -- just no muscle to support it ;-) :-)

I'm starting out by doing it every-other day for a little bit...I can't devote much more time right now, and it winds me after a few minutes. Only been at it for a week and my muscles don't hurt as much
Apr 26, 2021
SelinaTwice Previous Paid Member
Hi Lisa! Thanks for sharing your experience.
It's reassuring to know it's not completely lost, muscles have memory indeed!
I hope to get back at it next year...
Apr 26, 2021
Lara von Mondberg
Pole dance and StudioVeena changed my life. I become stronger, more confident, more flexible and I found great friends. The lessons are extremely helpful. I am so grateful for this awesome experience!
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