Exercises waiting for pole?

Algrif Paid Member
I just ordered my first pole. Haven’t done a studio class in a couple of years. It’s on backorder so I have at least six weeks to get ready. I just joined studio veena is the 30 day takeoff program where I’m supposed to start? I saw some pole work on it. What exercises should I do to get ready for my pole without having the pole yet? I know my arms and hands are weak!
20 days ago
The 30 day take off program does use a pole, but feel free to go through it and work on the exercises that don't need a pole.

There are lot's of other things you can do without a pole.

The strength and conditioning section is great and has a lot of body weight only or resistance band exercises.
[www.studioveena.com] There are a several routines as well that don't use a pole at all. Find them in the routine and combo section. [www.studioveena.com]

You could also work on the 30 days to Flexy program or floor work.
20 days ago
I take lessons in a studio, but between classes at home it is so helpful to have Veena's lessons to refresh my memory of what I learned in class and show me other moves I "should" be able to do based on what I already know. Instructions are so clear!
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