Dislocated Shoulder From Ayesha

YEETEDmyself Previous Paid Member
I need some help. I'm extremely sad and unfortunately I haven't been able to find a lot of information on other pole dancers who have injured their shoulder. About a week and a half ago, I attempted an ayesha handspring when I was 100% not ready, and dislocated my shoulder (my shoulder was reduced/relocated in the ER). I've been able to do a butterfly into ayesha prior to my injury and got too confident. I can't express enough how much this injury has affected my life and I've been so utterly sad it's almost unbearable. I'm currently doing physical therapy and getting an MRI soon so they can see if surgery is needed. Has anyone ever suffered a shoulder injury like this and was still able to do split grips, ayesha, ballerina, things of that nature? If so, did you get surgery? What exercises do you recommend. I truly appreciate any words of encouragement, it's desperately needed because I've been super upset. If it's not possible to recover, then I have no option but to quit ):
May 18, 2021
monica kay Previous Paid Member
I have never had this injury, but MANY pole dancers have. (Have you tried googling it? there's got to be a blog or 2 out there)
To give you some good news, pole dancers do come back to pole from rotator cuff injuries. So yay!!! your pole life is not dead! The only person I personally know that has returned to pole after a shoulder injury is Tiffany Jane, on IG as @titojane. She avoids some tricks, not sure which ones.
Personally I think I have avoided shoulder dislocation because I never handspring nor do I do any tricks that jerk on my arm when my arm is straight. I also do not allow anyone to adjust my body or pull on my arms in pole classes or yoga classes.
May 18, 2021
YEETEDmyself Previous Paid Member
Thank you for the reply! I've looked at a few people who injured their shoulder and a majority of them say they had to have surgery. I don't think my doctor wants me to go that route but I'll know more after my MRI! I'll take a look at her IG so thank you very much for letting me know about her (: I probably will have to avoid split grip things for a long long time or forever. But if I can still pole dance I'll be happy either way ❤
May 19, 2021
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
So sorry to hear about your injury! Giving up pole would be my worst nightmare :(
Also when you've recovered a bit, might be worth checking out pole/aerial specific physiotherapists, who know about the demands of pole and aerial on our shoulders.

Bendy Kate has a book called Prehab and Rehab (or something) and it's about preventing injuries. I don't have the book myself though but it might be worth checking out. Also The Pole PT has lots of good off-pole exercises to strenthen shoulders and other stuff and there are are checklists to test your abilities etc (eg minimum strenth/mobility required for certain stuff). Obviously recover fully first though :)
May 20, 2021
I haven't ever dislocated my shoulder before, but I do have what I call to be nerve damage from having something heavy on my shoulder before; if I have something heavy on that same shoulder now, 20+ yrs later, my arm starts to tingle and the veins start popping out.

Point being that I had the injury before I started poling. I had to make some accommodations...like a handstand...I only attempted several times because my shoulder felt like it'd give out; but I managed to so the handstand with one hand on the pole (the "bad one"). I used to do a butterfly, and ayesha, but only on my preferred side... I am very one-sided on pole... mainly because i'm stronger on one side, but also because I'm not confident in my left shoulder.

I'm sure that I could build it up again, but I haven't had the best of luck with all my injuries.... I've got a weird shoulder on my left, a sometimes worse wrist on my right hand (primary), and I've got a loose knee that REALLY acts up if I grip too hard on the pole with my legs....

I blame my wrist injury on the pole TBH, but it could have been a carpal tunnel type thing from school too....

I periodically get back into poling when I can....so don't give up.....it may take awhile and take some adjustments, but doing different moves or floor work for the time being is also an option. You don't want to overdo it and not be able to go back at all
May 21, 2021
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