DirdyBirdy pole tutorials


Hey all, 

If you don't know her, she does lots of great helpful tutorials on youtube (MissDirdyBirdy and I think DirdyBirdy101) and she's a big animal lover.

She's done some great tutorials on : Roxy spin to Twisted Ballerina (for all level), Twisty Grip Turn (a little creation of my own for any level), a new way to get into Twisted Grip (advance level) and Remi Sit (for all level) for a small donation to some of her favourite animal charities.

So far she is doing well but the more the merrier - and the more animals we can help :) I've had the priviledge to dance with her and she is very passionate about such causes. Recently Alethea did the same and she raised well over $2000 for her chosen animal charity and I think it's a great idea so if you want to learn new moves and help out animals.

This is my attempt of what I've learnt from her including the roxy spin and remi sit


If you want to donate and help her out, add her on Facebook or maybe this link will work?? It has more details on it anyway


happy poling :) 

Jan 15, 2012 from Up North, England, United Kingdom
Like like like!!! Ive donated but have yet to record my attempts!
Jan 16, 2012 from Los Angeles, California, United States

She has more tutorials on her facebook that don't seem to be on her youtube:


Jan 16, 2012 from Oregon, United States
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I started pole dancing with Studio Veena since there wasn't a good studio around. Once in a while I did a private or a workshop, but most of the times it was Veena, my friend an I training together. I wouldn't have been where I am now without Studio Veena
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