Cross Knee Release

JessMcG Previous Paid Member
Anyone have tips for cross knee release? I don't want to hold my foot so any other tips welcome! I got it finally today after trying for a month or two with no holding my foot but I felt I could use a bit more security
Dec 14, 2020
If you haven't yet check out this lesson [] Work on the related lessons listed below the video as well. These will help with strength and mobility.

I totally suggest the hand behind you if you need more security.
Dec 15, 2020
Oh and I made this little vid []
Dec 15, 2020
eatvegancookies Paid Member
Wow, this is awesome! I have a stationary pole and I was feeling my way with what's out there on YouTube. Luckily I came across an SV vid, and signed up for a year of SV the next day!
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