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HilaryKate aka LolaSlaytor
Hi Veeners!!
I'm hoping to get some suggestions for where to find a certain piece of clothing. I'm a bit picky, so the more suggestions, the better!! For reference, I live near Toronto in Canada. I'm willing to order online but would rather not have crazy shipping costs.
In the colder months, I love to dance and roll around in my sweatpants. I find it really changes the way I move, and leads to a lot of happy accidents in freestyle :)
Currently my two favourite pairs of sweats are the type that are just normal hem at the ankles, so if I want to hike them up, I have to roll them up and then they usually fall down anyways. One pair is black and one pair is grey.

I want to find a pair of sweatpants that meet these criteria:
- elastic cuffs at the ankles/hems
- reasonably priced (I'd rather not pay over $40, but the cheaper the better!)
- ideally, brightly coloured (or at least something other than the black and grey that I already have)
- ideally, with pockets
- can be more of a capri length, as long as the cuffs are elastic

TLDR: Any suggestions for cheap, elastic cuffed sweatpants in fun colours?

Thanks in advance :)
Dec 29, 2015
Have you tried []
Dec 30, 2015
I love their stuff, the ninja pants are awesome!
Dec 30, 2015
LatinPoler Paid Member
I like Cleo the Hurricane's hot pants. I don't think that long and loose pants are good for pole, unless you are not going to climb or sit at all. Nevertheless, they can save your knees in floorwork.

I have not tried Yandy. I've tried other brands that are sold in Amazon: Music Legs, Dreamgirl, etc. But the quality is not good in general. I wouldn't recommend it for pole, perhaps it's OK for floorwork/Chair/Lap.
Dec 30, 2015
HilaryKate aka LolaSlaytor
TaraLee - I will check out that site, thanks!

Vicioush3art6035 - I've never heard of that one either, will have a look! Thanks :)

LatinPoler - I've got plenty of booty shorts for poling when I want to work on tricks up the pole, but I find in the winter, I really love freestyling with my sweats on! It's great for warming up, but also helps when I want to force myself to work on grounded flows/floorwork without relying on the ability to climb and do tricks up the pole. Not to mention that it is great for strength training when I do want to do some tricks and climbing in pants :) I am nowhere NEAR as badass as she is, but there is a poler named @kapihuria on IG who does totally insane stuff in pants and long sleeved tops!!
Dec 31, 2015
elenadove805635 Previous Paid Member
I was in the same situation to looking for sweatpants for dance. I found a great pair at Old Navy that had those elastic cuffs you mentioned. They were reasonably priced, around $25 from [] and came in some fun colors. Plus, they had pockets,

Another spot you might want to check out is H&M. I stumbled upon some vibrant capri-length sweatpants with elastic cuffs there once. They weren't too pricey, and the quality was decent for the price
a month ago
After having surgery, Veena's 30 Day take off was just what I need to get back in the game, after months off the pole. I had a question for her, and it was answered right away! Thanks Veena!!
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