Cleaner Invert help please!

YettiBear1 Previous Paid Member
Hello! When you go into Gemini, do you have any tips for getting hands out of the way when you go to hook the knee? Going into Gemini from crucifix is fine, but going into Gemini from Chopper is pretty shaky and there is a lot of re-shuffling. Much Appreciated!
Feb 16, 2020
Having the strength to pull up a bit once inverted will allow you to get the legs up over the hands. Using controlled moment can help. Making sure your hands aren't placed too low can help as well.

If you haven't already try the 30 day invert program. Also take a look at these lessons for more tips

Tips for inverts []

Invert to gemeini making it flow

Tips for controlled inverts []
Feb 16, 2020
Shihyu Liu
I am on my third day and I just love your lessons, the pole hold strength practice is exactly what I needed and I can't believe that other studios don't instruct you with this kind of basic practice
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