Chest Stand - Advice?

Danielle Tillie

I've recently done my first chest stand. It was a fantastic (but painful) sensation in back-bending. I'd love to do it more often, but I can't get over the mental fear of breaking my back or neck in the process of getting into it. When I got into it for the first time, my boyfriend literally picked my legs up for me and moved them over my head slowly. I was able to hold the position without his assistance once I was in place. The idea of rolling down straight into it scares me! Does anyone have any tips on the do's and dont's of getting into a chest stand? Thanks!
Sep 18, 2012

Strenght is everything! Work on your strenght in your back and bum to be able to get into and hold the chest stand. Im sure YT has a lot to offer in that area :)

A good way to gain strenght is if you are getting help into the chest stand, try and roll down from it slowly and without any help.

Also be careful, if you are flexy but not strong enough to hold your weight you could hurt yourself.

Good luck!
Sep 19, 2012

Make sure you are very warmed up in your back - do loads of crabs/bridges, kitty cat stretches, cobras etc.etc to warm up the spine. Also make sure to counter stretch it by doing forward bends after you've done a lot of backbending or else you'll be sure to screw up your muscles. 

Try doing it against a wall and sliding slowly down into it so you get used to the sensation of the position. To kick into it is just a mental thing, once you get over your fear and are confident you will be able to do it. Get your boyfriend to help lift you or spot you as you kick into it? 

So jealous you can do it! 
Sep 19, 2012

Another good counterstretch after backbending is twisting! 
Sep 19, 2012
hi im regina i got my feet to the ground but how can i hold it by increasing my flexibility in the chest stand
Nov 18, 2019
Sp4c3Warrior Previous Paid Member
I am so happy I found this site! It helps me progress so much faster! I am one of those who have to take time and understand how each move works and your breakdown of them is invaluable to me. I can't thank you enough Veena, keep up the great work! <3
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