Calories burned while pole dancing

Does anyone have that thing that the people on the biggest loser wear on their arm that calculates how many calories they burn in a day? if so, can you please wear it for a pole dance session and report back on how many calories it burned? Or, could someone estimate how many calories per hour pole dancing burns? OR, could you please state how many calories you eat in a day? Or heck, even an average heart rate over the period of time your pole dancing.

rant: I keep a food log and ever since i started pole dancing its not ACCURATE anymore and its driving me NUTS! (calories eaten and calories burned) Before I was pole dancing I could calculate my calories and weight loss and be within a few calories of accuracy. Im a bit obsessive about it lol. But now since im all 'well now my whole system is thrown off by pole dancing' im starting to reach for extra snacks and be all 'well its not accurate anymore ANYWAY!' (I still add them to my food log and keep track, but still!) Untracked burned calories sucks especially since I need to adjust my food intake so my deficit isnt too big, on the days I pole dance if im burning 1500 calories or something from 2 hours on the pole and im only eating 1500 coupled with that my body burns 1800 by itself anyway thats a 1800 calorie deficit which is NOT safe and can halt weight loss! and make me lose muscle! quick lesson: Your body can only burn so much fat per day, if your calorie deficit is too large it starts to burn off muscle to make up for it. So yea, plus im way hungrier all the time which makes me think I should be eating more, I have upped my calories by 30-50% but im STILL hungry and before pole dancing again I was never hungry! I do notice that an hour of pole dancing leaves me way more sweaty and tired and hungry than an hour of the elliptical with my heart rate at 160 the whole time, which burns like 600 calories. I have even had to stop pole dancing to go eat even though I had already eaten half of my days total calories before hopping on before. I know I should stop obsessing, but I want to lose the last of the weight first, im soo close, last time I stopped obsessing I gained 15 pounds and was pissed cuz it took me 6 months to lose that 15lbs at that point! Since before my body burned 1800 calories a day with no extra exercise, its insane to think that I need to eat more than that now just from pole dancing. Im afraid to undo weeks of effort if I mistakenly eat too much.

end rant: I really am curious to know how many calories pole dancing burns, it must burn alot since its cardio and strength training all in one, and strength training usually has an after burn effect. Does anyone else here count their calories? Maybe it would be a fun experiment! Eat as you usually do and count your calories for 1 week and report back with your findings
Aug 6, 2010 from Maple Valley, Washington, United States
I don't remember where I read it but I read somwhere that it burns avg around 250 calories during a 45 min workout..its so hard to determine though, bc everyone works out different and slower or faster
Aug 6, 2010 from Illinois, United States
I have the Body Bugg. I've worn it while teaching my beginner's classes. It says that I burn approx. 160 calories per 1 hour class. Now, this class only includes basic spins and no serious tricks. When I wore it while doing more advanced stuff, it said I burned 190 calories in one hour. I weigh approx. 128 lbs, and I'm 5'5" tall. I hope that helps.
Aug 30, 2010 from United States
yay thank you!
Aug 31, 2010 from Maple Valley, Washington, United States
I wear my Polar heart rate monitor to class sometimes and usually during an hour long class I will burn upwards of 200 calories. Thats with a good 15-20 minute warm up/stretch and mostly basic spins and dancing. When im practicing on my hour or so of inverts/climbs/spins/dancing...ill burn around 1000.

Keep in mind though that everyone is different! You should think about getting a heart rate monitor that has a calorie counter! Mine was only like $60!
Sep 2, 2010 from Plano, Texas, United States
1000 calories per hour seems really high. That's 16.6 calories per minute. The average adult runner only burns approx. 10 calories per minute.
Sep 3, 2010 from United States
Masked Loopy II
This is the claim my local studio makes on it's website:

Our classes last 50 minutes in length with the average beginner client burning up to 250 calories per class and the average advanced client burning up to 450 calories per class. You can strut up one to two miles per class while dancing your way to a healthier, toner, stronger you!
Sep 3, 2010 from Summerville, South Carolina, United States
1000 calories per hour seems really high. That's 16.6 calories per minute. The average adult runner only burns approx. 10 calories per minute.

oh when i said "an hour or so" i should have put something more like 2 ish hours. 1000 cals per hour is definitely crazy i totally agree.
Sep 4, 2010 from Plano, Texas, United States
i never stop being amazed at what a great TEACHER you are. even my gravity unfriendly self has been able to inch farther and farther with technique because you teach so well. thank you.
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