Brass pole for sweaty bodies?

Gail 77 Previous Paid Member
Hi all,
I'm a dancer whose super slippery. No matter how much grip I use ain't nothing keeping me in a sit because of my thighs. I also have a hard time climbing, especially in the summer, because of my shins. I'm contemplating getting a different home pole. I might try a silicone wrap first but I know I'd I'd miss doing static spins. My next thought would be a brass pole as I hear they're better for dancers who sweat but no studios near me have any to try.

I'd love to hear from people who swear like me but have tried or own brass poles. How much did it help your body grip? Do you think it's worth upgrading? Any drawbacks?
Thank you!!!
Nov 13, 2022
I'm personally opposite of this, cold and dry! IF I do find myself sweating brass has been the best, stainless steel can be descent too. Chrome and Titanium gold are slick. I'm guessing you've seen this video but I'll share it anyway. 8 pole finishes reviewed []

Have you tried using an anti-perspirant grip aid on the legs? There are several out there both pole and no pole brands. Carpe Lotion is one []

Also I've heard Gamer Goo works too []

Tite grip is a pole version []

The drawback of using brass is the smell, some are better than others and it also depends on your body. Some skin holds the "penny" smell longer than other.

The silicone wrap is nice but, it's really hard on the skin, so clothing is needed. Works well if you like spin pole too.

Nov 13, 2022
Gail 77 Previous Paid Member
Thanks Veena!
I've tried all of these except gamer goo 🤔 I'll check it out!
Nov 13, 2022
Oh, you can also try pointing a fan at the pole to see if that helps evaporates your sweat.
Nov 13, 2022
I find Dancing Dust "Make me dusty" helps me in summer not have sweaty legs. I use Tite Grip or Envirogrip for hands in summer.

Never tried a brass pole but I love my powder coated one.
Nov 24, 2022
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