Boots too small and seeking advice

Dewy Rose Jenny Previous Paid Member
Hi everybody,

I just found my DREAM pleaser boots at the thrift store for only $30 but there's a catch there too small, like size US5 and I wear a US 7 or 8 too small 😑. I impulse bought them because their open toe syle so I can get my foot in with the back zipper done up fine, but.... my toes hang over the edge so so much 😫. The back where the zipper is, is real leather could I get a shoe maker/repair dude to add a new zipper with extra fabric/leather to make more room. The shoes are discontinued so I can't just buy them new, I could resell them but I'd rather find a way to alter them and wear them pole justfor short dance sessions.

Any ideas???? Thoughts??? Thanks 💙
Mar 19, 2019
Those are so cute! Did you ever figure anything out?
Mar 21, 2019
Dewy Rose Jenny Previous Paid Member
Not yet, I'm thinking that I can stretch out the leather at the back to get a little more room. I have a pair of short 4 or 6 inch pleasers that are beat up that I never wear any more so I'm thinking that I will try to take the suede foot bed part off both shoes then add the longer ones on to the awesome boots then build up the toe so it looks proper some how, Add new gold paint/tape and some rhinestones so it looks normal and pretty. this is just a rough plan I'll have to sit down and play, get artistic.

I got the inspiration from


I know this is a crazy idea but I think if I think out side the box I can come up with something since i'm not going for being able to dance in them for hours just photo shots and short dances, maybe out to dinner.

Mar 22, 2019
Yeah, if you can't come up with something, wearing them for photos would work 😁
Mar 22, 2019
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