Back at it after years

tiggertail Paid Member
Hey guys, I use to be around for lessons and chat all the time but when I had to move I didn't had much place and got some injuries in the last 2 years.

I really wanted to get back at it and just found the perfect way to give me motivation: a photoshoot in 2 months :D

So happy to see all the new lessons Veena add and try new stuff.

Feb 27, 2021
Hiiiiiiii. It's wonderful to see you back. I hope I get to see the photos 😁
Feb 28, 2021
tiggertail Paid Member
Of course, unless the only one I get is flat on my face :P
Feb 28, 2021
hookedonpole Paid Member
Welcome Back!!! Missed you. Going to be so much fun 🥰
Mar 7, 2021
The rotator cuff stuff is exactly what my chiro told me to do: he is going to be so happy I'm looking after my shoulders and building strength safely on both sides :)
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