Anybody who tried silicone pole?

Polefit Korea
I'm very interested in a silicone pole, a new product line of X-pole.

I want to know if any veener has ever tried it and could tell me how it felt.

I also am eager to know if silicone pole will also be available as a free standing pole(stage pole.) Thanx in advance!
Jul 1, 2013
I played on it at FIBO and it's awesome!
Feels and looks like the materials used for silicone sex toys.
It's so sticky I could do stuff I can't on a regular pole like iguana mount, even though it was really thick (55mm I guess). They have them smaller tough.
And yes, you can have them as a stage pole.
Jul 2, 2013
I couldn't find the silicone pole on X-pole's website.  Are they going to be similar to the pole sleeves that have been sold for a while or is the pole it's self coated in silicone?
Jul 2, 2013
They won't sell them before the middle of august, so that's probably why they don't have them on their website yet.
I haven't seen the pole sleave so can't compare to those but they won't be removable! You don't have to buy a whole new pole though, I think they said you can buy the a- and -poles plus extensions only.
Jul 2, 2013
I know it's not silicone, but if you are looking for a pole with great grip while still having the ability to do static spins you could check out the SV pole as well. I think a silicone pole looks fun but then static spins would be out. And it's amazing that the pole takes seconds to put up and take down. 
Jul 2, 2013
Polefit Korea
Actually, it's not that I'm looking for more grippy pole.

The idea that one can wear long pants while poling. Since the pants that polers are wearing is often times considered as a provocative outfit in this country.
Jul 2, 2013
Polefit Korea
Thank you all. It's good to know that I can have it as a stage pole some day.

The only thing that was holding me from going public with pole dancing was wearing short pants. I can't wait to get it!!
Jul 2, 2013
Dancing Paws
I did a write-up on the pole sleeves. I can PM you the link.
Jul 2, 2013
X Pole Tech
X-Pole released 2 new surface finishes at Europe’s FIBO exhibition in April -  Silicone and Powder Coated.

FIBO was part of the testing process for the Silicone poles, 4 days non-stop use of a 4m ( 13.25ft ) Silicone studio pole by experienced International dancers, both girls and guys, as well as the public.  Everyone who used it loved it and everyone said they wanted a Silicone pole asap. Much bribery and corruption was going on on the stand to aquire a sample Silicone pole - all return to the UK office intact!!!

X-Poles Silicone is a Hi-Spec Medical/Food  grade Silicone which is permanently fixed to the pole tubes. It is a 5mm thick Silicone so has a soft feel, the silicone compresses when gripped and of course it has superb adhesion. The poles used at FIBO were 55mm versions which have a 5mm inner pole.

X-Pole Silicone poles will come initially in 2 outer sizes, 50 and 55mm. These are 40 (1.5”)  and 45mm (1.75”) sized poles tubes and the silicone adds about 10mm (  “) to the tube diameter. A normal Chinese pole is 60mm (2.36”) +  so these are thinner than standard Chinese poles.

Silicone poles will come as Standard sets, Studio/Competition poles and as X-Stage Pole Tubes. X-pole as usual will also carry a huge range of separate poles and extensions so anyone who already has an X-Pole will be able to buy silicone tubes to fit their set up. X-Pole always designs for compatibility wherever possible and also carries spares going back over 8 years.

X-Poles Silicone poles (and Powder Coated) will come in 2 colours Hot Pink and Black!

Both the Silicone and Powder Coated poles are in final phase of testing now and should be released for sale in September/October ………. just in time for Xmas!!!

And now the even better part price.  An X-Pole Silicone pole or part should be ‘only’ about 30-35 % more than a standard  Chrome pole. So for instance in UK we have a proposed price of a silicone set to be around £259-279.00 and in USA $379.99~399 is expected and that is a ‘complete set’, with the silicone factory fitted to the pole tubes.

Please note X-Pole is using a very high grade Silicone especially made for X-Pole and so it is very expensive to purchase and installation is a very complex and time consuming process. Knowing the interest in Silicone from and since FIBO, and X-Poles aim to always be expanding pole into genres of pole, X-Pole has done its very best to keep the pricing of Silicone poles as low as possible.

There will be more updates on all the new products to be released on Veena over the coming months.


X-Pole Tech Team
Jul 3, 2013
X Pole Tech
Apologies that shoud have read.....

The poles used at FIBO were 55mm versions which have a 45mm inner pole.

X-Pole Tech Team
Jul 3, 2013
Polefit Korea
Thank u for the kind and detailed reply, xpole representative!
Jul 3, 2013
Oh boy going to need a few of these fior my studio! Uggg - Better start saving now!
Jul 4, 2013
I ordered a 'pole sleeve' at the Pole Convention.  It just arrived this week.  I got it to go over my 45" pole.  It's pretty cool and definitely adds safety to pole, however, static spins are out as Veena said.  Victor, who created Pole Sleeves, is very nice and professional to deal with.  The pole sleeve goes on and off as needed, it's pink and super soft.  Here's the website: []
Jul 5, 2013
Hi there! Does anyone know what to clean a silicone pole with? I bought the pink xpole and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
Jul 10, 2014
pr1nc3ss Previous Paid Member
not sure but I would love to see video of someone on it
Jul 10, 2014
Stephanie X Pole
Hey guys!
You can clean the silicone pole with just rubbing alcohol.

There is a video of Nadia using it on our instagram here:

If Embed code didn't work check for it on our xpoleus instagram:

And yes we have them in stock on!

Thank you and please email if you have any questions!
Jul 11, 2014
I made my regular dance pole into a silicone pole for $22. The hardware store sells non adhesive silicone tape that sticks to itself as well as the pole. It took three rolls to cover mine. I am not sure how long it will last but it doesn not have glue and would be easy enough to replace or take off I imagine. I am loving it since i had major gripping issues and my skin just didnt stick to my pole. I stretched and wrapped from the bottom up overlaping it just a little.
Nov 24, 2018
Pretty Pixie
StudioVeena is an amazing place to learn, her instruction is the BEST, the progression of the lessons is essential to building the strength and confidence needed and with new lessons posted regularly, I'm never bored!
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