Any benefit to REALLY high heels?

amelia2000 Paid Member
I'm thinking of buying some new pole heels. My current ones are clear and around the 6inch mark and without an ankle strap. I want ones with a strap, and coloured, but I was wondering whether to go for REALLY high ones?

Are the really high ones weird to dance in? Is it worth having some or are they just unnecessarily awkward? Or does the extra weight really help you get a better position in some moves?

Also, does the shine rub off the shoes with coloured straps on Pleaser shoes?
Oct 29, 2018
It depends on the heel!

If you get clear heels they tend to be heavier than colored. So the taller ones are heaver if they are clear, I don't notice a difference in weight with my taller colored heels tho. I think dancing in 7 inch heels is more comfortable than the shorter 6 and under...but that's if you get a nice quality heel. Like Pleaser and Ellie. The extra weight doesn't help in any pole moves :)

If you're asking about the chromed heels.... the color does wear off over time, the straps color will flake off over time too. Go with clear straps if you don't want flaking. Honestly I think a 7 inch is a good way to go. 8 might be a little too much if you are not super great with balance....but again if you can try them on you might find a style that is 8 inches that feels stable. It's all about how the heel is made!
Oct 30, 2018
In my opinion, yes. The higher the platform of the shoe, the easier it is to tip the shoe towards the toe, to balance on the front corner of the platform, which is where I place my weight for almost all the types of heels choreo that I find worth doing (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

As unstable and difficult as this technique sounds, I feel like it's even more dangerous and difficult if I'm trying to do it in heels with too short of a platform to find the balance point. I wouldn't attempt it in anything shorter than 8 inches but I have limited ankle range. I actually started years ago with 6 inches, couldn't figure out the balance point technique that I loved, didn't realize platform height played a role, got rid of the shoes, gave up on heels, then years later I tried on some 8 inch heels and found the balance point immediately.

So in short, yeah, really high platforms make my favorite heels choreo possible.

Side note: the smaller feet you have, the shorter you can go in the platform and still achieve a toe balance--because physics & ratios: basically the rise (difference in height from where the ball of the foot rests to where the heel of the foot rests in the shoe) in smaller sizes is a steeper angle. According to pleaser's website, the rise is roughly the same height difference (around 10 cm but depends on the model) in a size 5 shoe and a size 10 shoe of the same model. Obviously, a difference in height of 10 cm from toe to heel is going to result in a steeper angle on a smaller sized shoe than on a longer shoe because the same height difference is now spread over a longer length. A steeper angled foot is already balanced closer to the toe of the shoe, and angled closer to the balance point.

Can the weight of the shoe play a role? I think maybe if you're upside down in cocoon trying to grab a foot, but I don't think I'd base my heel height off it. and then maybe weight could play a role in floppy ankle techniques? I feel like heel weight (or any added mass) can affect the frequency of your spins and fancy leg stylizations...just watch nadia shariff do any fast moving aerial work on spin in heels and decide :D

Can't comment on the shine, my shiny ones are new.
This is prob way more info than you needed. I couldn't help myself. ≧☉_☉≦
Dec 11, 2018
amelia2000 Paid Member
Thanks, you've given me something to think about, hadn't considered the platform an important factor...

Anyway, I bought 7inch heels, but haven't been able to try them out as much as I want to- quite often, as soon as the heels come on, my 11month old daughter crawls over to try and play with them while they are on my feet :P and next time I have money to burn will try out 8inch heels :D
Dec 11, 2018
PoleAdventures Paid Member
I think it depends on what you like the most. But my experience with heels is I feel a lot more stable and balanced in 8inch heels than in 7inch. And my experience is that not every model for example pleaser shoes has the same ratio in heel and overall height. I like the model 8inch flamingo much more than the similar model xtreme :) And the models are different too with ankle fixation, that was a huge stable factor for me too (I have very tiny feet).
I think you should test 2 models and you will see the difference.
Dec 12, 2018
I'm the country and can't drive so I get lonely. This gives me a way to feel like I have a partner doing it with me.
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