Advanced Level 2 Program

Alright, level 2 is up and ready to go! Here's the info on this program!

This program has been split into 4 weeks (7 day blocks) Each week we'll focus on different Tricks, Spins and Flexibility! You'll need resistance bands, foam roller a peanut or tennis ball and a fit ball! Having the program split into weeks will allow you to come back and focus on groups of tricks anytime, without needing to do the whole program. Week 1: Marley, Flight Attendant, Leg lines and Flexibility. Week 2: Chopper or Aerial Invert, Allegra, Falling Star, Leg lines and Hip flexor Strength! Week 3: Reverse Ayesha, Extended Butterfly, Caterpillar Climb, Aerial Invert, Handstands, Core and Shoulders. Week 4: Shoulder Mount, Iguana/Iguana Mount, Bow and Arrow, Butterfly Invert, and Splits training. For all tricks today: 2 tries on both sides. Hold the passive stretches for 30 seconds. 2 Times all sides.

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Aug 18, 2022
Pretty Pixie
StudioVeena is an amazing place to learn, her instruction is the BEST, the progression of the lessons is essential to building the strength and confidence needed and with new lessons posted regularly, I'm never bored!
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