45mm brass versus 40mm chrome

amelia2000 Paid Member
Getting a new pole and found a great offer for a 45mm brass. But I currently have a 40mm chrome.

The dilemma is I want a grippier pole, but particularly in this situation don't want to fork out more than necessary. Powder coated might not be what I'm looking for, as I tend to have sweaty hands.

What do you think?
Mar 25, 2020
The best thing you can do if find away to test a brass. Personally, finish trumps diameter. But if a pole is slick a smaller diameter can help combat that issue. lol Not sure that was helpful!

Yes, from my experience sweat and PC don't mix well. Now if you just have moist, tacky hands and skin it can work well, but not if the hands get wet.
Mar 25, 2020
monica kay
I have sweaty hands and powder coating did not work for me. I was very very unhappy and frustrated with PC. I love brass and it works great for me but drops are ultra painful - if u are a fan of any pole tricks that drop- ei sad girl drop, jade drop, etc I personally cannot do them on brass. That's one con to brass. The only other negative thing I can think of re brass is that it's not standard for competition. I can work on chrome with lots of grip aid on my hands and I need to apply vegetable glycerin to my legs nightly to be able to grip with my legs on chrome. That's my input 💚💚💚😁
Mar 25, 2020
Dancing Paws
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