2020 Super bowl haftime show

What are your thoughts on this years halftime show? [www.youtube.com]

I'm very sad to see so many people talking about how inappropriate the pole dancing was. I'm also a bit disappointed to see how many pole dancers are belittling J Lo's pole work.

I get that J Lo didn't do a ton of pole tricks but the fact that pole was represented on such a huge stage made me proud! For me the whole performance was all about girl power and being proud of who you are!
16 days ago
I thought it was great. It was the half time show and not a competition, and it did just that. It put on a great show. People like to complain and be negative more than positive. The people that feel it was inappropriate or not child friendly or calling it a strip show are the ones that are getting to me. I don’t really know where to start with that. There is so much worse on regular tv that their children probably watch all day long. I am vert happy to see pole dance being used more and more for our entertainment and such, personally.
15 days ago
There is so much worse on tv it's crazy people can get upset over this.
15 days ago
Saw this meme
15 days ago
dustbunny Paid Member
That's perfect Veena!
11 days ago
After having surgery, Veena's 30 Day take off was just what I need to get back in the game, after months off the pole. I had a question for her, and it was answered right away! Thanks Veena!!
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