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    Posted by pole-twista on February 25, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    after reading the post about taking down the pole out of frustartion and seeing the responses (including my own) I thought it would be good to have a topic board where people can get together to talk about body image issues, diet, nutrition, exersises, fitness trends, things your doing to help acheive "pole goals", get /give advice get motivated, inspire maybe team up with a member/s to keep each other updated about goals/frustrations/tips ect

    like me personally

    lose the last 3 of 10 of the original lbs wanted to lose plus 10 more
    tone lower abs, upper thighs, butt
    stretch everyday ( i was doing good w/this and felt great don’t know why i stopped)
    pole 2-4x wk
    finally get chopper (from floor), superman, and straight edge split
    be able to jog/run a mile w/o stopping to catch breath
    less refined sugar in my diet
    plan weekly menu/fitness schedule (this really helped me in the past)

    I think it works better when two ( or more people who have similar or relatable goals), but i am cool with teaming up with anyone who would like to participate pretty much through emails and possiblty chat if times match up

    ok well I hope this topic board is useful take care all

    amcut replied 15 years, 2 months ago 9 Members · 16 Replies
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  • pole-twista

    February 26, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    ok so big surprise instead of having to lose 3 of orignal lbs wanted to lose now have to lose 8 which makes grand total 18lbs ugh i would actually be ok with just losing 13, but i think to really push myself better to set goal slightly lower so if dont reach it still will end up being where i wanted to be but would be nice to go the extra mile ( no pun intended) and see the results of that can be tough bc am so tired when come home in morning and by time get out of work second time dont feel like doing much but i did workout yesterday and made good choices food wise all day ( too bad the weekend before was a free for all with greasy food hi pizza man! again.. lol ) and am doing the same vid tonight as really liked it yesterday well thats that gotta get some shut eye

  • RoxyPink

    February 26, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Weight loss can seem like a huge task at hand especially when you look at it as "I have 18lbs to lose".. If you break it down to a more manageable number…it’s not so daunting. For example, pick 5 lbs. 5 is a much more manageable #. Once that 5 is gone start over. This is the only way that I have been succesful with weightloss. I almost feel like an expert at it since I’ve gained and lost 90 lbs twice (2 pregnancies). 90 is such a huuuuuggggeeee number that it made the "goal" seem completly out of reach and impossible. But I broke it down into 5 or 10 lb goals. I lost my first "round" of 90 lbs in about 9 mths and kept it off for 4 years (until I got preggo again) and it’s taken a little longer 2nd time around (14 mths) and I still have 8 lbs to go (according to my scale this morning). Also, don’t weigh yourself everyday! This will drive you insane. I know. There were times when I would get on 2 sometimes 3 times a day. Now I only get on once a week. Your weight will fluctuate through out the day/week no matter what you do. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t lose it in the specific time frame you want. It will come if you put in all the effort and mainly MINDSET to do it. I look at is like a game…a game that I will win. Good luck!!

  • pole-twista

    February 26, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    ya thats what i thought this morning better break it down to a smaller number so dont lose heart I frustrate myself bc I keep getting thisclose to my goal and than its like i sabotage my efforts well i did my kickboxing video last night and did 48 lunges this morning ( 2 sets of 12 on each leg) anyone have any tushy toners? I hear squats and lunges but unless i am doing something wrong ( i know not to have knees going past toes as strains knees, keep my back straight, put weight in back of heels ect) i always feel it in my thighs (which is great as am also trying to tone upper thighs) not my butt i am looking for results so any exersise anyone could recommend to tone & lift would be great thanks!

    i think when your trying to lose weight it is also important to reward yourself regardless of what the scale says
    if you planned 4-5 workouts and completed them I dont think you should punish or deny yourself a (non-food) reward such as a new lipstick, a good book, maybe even a new piece of workout gear ( a new cute sports top or a new workout dvd) it can be frustrating when you let the numbers run your life also when i want say BK, and i say no that food is "bad" i end up eating all sorts of other "healthy things" and eventually give in to my craving anyway so have just added tons of calories i have learned if i want BK its better to have a kids meal with a diet soda than to deny myself til i either go nuts and end up w/a shake and lg fries or eating an apple, string cheese, crackers ect and finding myself at the drive through an hr later just had this convo w/friend this afternoon was talking about how its better to have a small portion of the "real" stuff say 1 or 2 real oreos than to have 10 low-fat (usually means high sugar) cookies that tatse like cardboard and dont satisfy me

    no matter what I am proud of my body and love it reagardless of what some lit up numbers say on a scale i just want to be healthy, strong, and feel good about the way my body feels

  • SaschaPoles

    February 27, 2009 at 2:54 am

    i love this thread camilla!!!!! you’re beautiful just the way you are, keep up the stretching!!!

  • Lisa

    February 27, 2009 at 3:47 am

    I too am on a diet. I didn’t gain the "Freshman 15," but instead I gained the "Sophomore 15!!! (plus a little extra, yikes!) Pole dancing has been a great motivator for losing weight since most of the moves require you to support your entire body weight! I want to get fit and build muscle so I can do some awesome pole moves! So far it’s worked out pretty well, and I’ve already lost 11 lbs. Would have been more if my boyfriend didn’t give me a huge box of chocolates for V-day! I think it definitely helps to have a motivator to get fit.

  • SaschaPoles

    February 27, 2009 at 3:51 am

    no worries lisa, when i was a freshman i gained "the freshman 40"!!!!! dancing took it all off i think you’re pic is gorgeous now, but no worries, dancing is an awesome way to get fit

  • pole-twista

    February 27, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    thanks! wasn’t sure this topic would take, but it’s nice to see people using it to discuss diffrent issues I am sooo looking foward to getting on pole in little bit as have the day off have been doing pretty good with the diet/exersise ( or play as i like to think about it i usually keep it fun so it doesn’t feel like working out dance, wii, walks w/dog ect) am actually excited to get back on scale mon ( i weigh self 2x week) and since one person was brave enough to lead the revolution of weight admission i’ll go next last i checked was 158 not happy bc i had been 153 goal originally was 145 now is 140 as it’s a better weight for my height (5’7) it actually kind of feels freeing to just say ya this is how much i weigh and?..

    so basically would like to lose 18lbs total
    tone/tighten lower belly, inner thighs, and butt ( i call it the "gravity zone")
    be able to do 10 regular push ups ( can do 25 on knees, but would like to do 10 reg. to help build strength)
    limit sat. fat/tans fat and refined sugar (white bread/rice/ect)
    acheive full splits and straddle (have been stretching, but not warming enough to really work range of motion)

    Ithink it’s great that we’re getting comfortable enough w/each other to really be open with things

  • amcut

    March 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    I am -enormous-. Not just fat, but tall and fat. Six feet tall and 228 lbs. I’ve always been a very sexy individual, so becoming overweight didn’t bother me much.

    I made this decision a few months ago.. Uhh… October, last year, to lose weight. I was 207 lbs, which was my heaviest weight- I had been pole dancing two months, but the birthday made me feel older and weaker. So I was like, "YEHA, lets diet"

    I started a food journal to see what I needed to cut and realized I was eating 500 calories on "good" days, and a whopping 2500 on "bad" ones. I was overweight at an average of 1000 calories a day. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. So, I went to a nutritionist, and he was like, "Holy hell, why do you do that to yourself?" He said my habit of starve-starve-binge was causing my body to hoard, and it would hoard my binge days because of how awful I was to myself on my starve days.

    Eheh. So I was like, "well what do I do?" and he was like, "eat". And boy did I. Apparently it was OK to overdo it in the begining, because I was convincing my body that there was no need to hoard. And I -really- overdid it. Overdid it right into obesity at 236! Hee! Anyways. Since the new year, I’ve been actively working out not just on the pole, but with cardio machines… and I’ve been monitoring my diet. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds, but I’m getting there.

    So, my goal for the moment is to weigh 213 lbs.

    I also quit smoking and drinking. I’d like to stay clean. Forever. No matter how many times I get free coupons from marlboro.

    I’d like to grow my hair out some more, and resist the need to "trim" it.

    I want to cook better quality, better tasting food.

    I also want increased flexibility, especially in my back and neck. I want to get at least an hour and a half of stretching in each day. I usually get in 30 minutes every other day, but that’s definitely just laziness.

  • pole-twista

    March 7, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Congratulations on quitting, your confidence, & making goals for yourself!

    I am down to 152 (from 158 last checked)
    acheived jade split
    need to work on stetching more often and for longer times
    still no aysha or superman but tried both today

    can’t wait to see how everyone progresses w/their goals

  • kerrierou

    March 9, 2009 at 1:57 am

    hey pole-twista! (once again!)
    i just read this post and i would love to e-mail and stuff about how were doing with our goals and such, seeing as i have pretty much many of the same goals you do!

    i NEED to sretch everyday. i am so far away from a split its not even funny!
    i want to loose about 10 pounds to be back where i was last year where i was very comfortable
    definitely tone abs, thighs, and butt (doesn’t every girl!)
    gain endurance
    i’m pretty good with my diet thou, i eat pretty healthy
    i defintiely want to pole as much as i can, hopefully i’ll be able to 3x a week when im off school and my parents are at work
    i want to learn soooo many pole moves. i really want to be more flexible and be able to do a split, since most stunts require flexibility and it looks better if you can stretch further!

    if you ever need any help with nutrition/exercise i can help u out. i am majoring in exercise science so i have taken lots of nutrition and exercise classes.

    so if you ever want to e-mail me at !

  • pole-twista

    March 9, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    great! are you attending BCC? I went there for a year. ok well am going to email you right now real quick so you’ll have my email in your inbox

  • pole-twista

    March 23, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    well got really lazy the last part of last week and weekend eating alot of fats food/night out drinking/chips ect and no exersise (basically) but did turn lemons into lemonade last night went to finally get a strong practice in but pole was just too slippery for even basic things so instead of fighting it or getting frustrated i spent alot of time working on floor moves/exersices, basic spins, ect and had 1 of the best exersise sessions in awhile just really relaxed no camera rolling, no pressure to try to learn any new moves or struggle with difficult ones i just really had fun spent time trying out some of veenas booty moves am hoping to get a good inverted moves sessions soon also did 1 of my harder workout dvds this am after work (and got in a good strectch session!! ) bought a new mp3 player today so can start dancing to what i want rather than being stuck w whatevers on (you’ll notice in my buutons video i am so over the song 3/4 way in lol) ok so hows everyone else doing

  • Aliira

    April 11, 2009 at 7:06 am

    In all honesty…I would be totally happy with my flab if I could just be more graceful. That’s my goal. I have a decent amount of cellulite, however if the dance is beautiful no one’s going to be looking at the dimples on your bum. (And we all have them.) So yea…my goals, grace and flexability. And may those creative muses inspire me to creat something neat.

  • PhoenixLuv

    April 30, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    I’m 22years old 5’2" 205lbs *disgusting* , I’m big boned and the smallest I’ve been is 125lbs *anorexic and bulimic*. I managed to get down to 155lbs in 2005 but slowly but surely gained weight right back. I love to pole but find it very difficult sometimes being so heavy and trying to do certain moves that I see girls get in their 1st or 2nd wk of poling that I have been working on for years. I’ve always been the biggest when I took pole classes and dropped out of them after 2 years when I started to become depressed over my size and progress compared to others (and lack of $$$ too).
    My Goals:
    * lose 70lbs and gain lean muscle
    * lose fat and tone abs (upper, lower, and obliques), back, thighs, and arms
    * stretch and/or yoga daily (even though I hate that my gut gets in the way *yuck*)
    * pole 3-4x @ least 45mins-1hr each time
    * get the chopper (from the floor and invert), shoulder mount, and the half bracket hold (like when you do a body wave)
    * jog 1-2 miles with out stopping and try HIIT
    * eat less carbs, more protein, and drink more water
    * plans meals/workouts weekly and stick to it

    I don’t want to be the fat friend anymore , I want to feel beautiful in my own skin and look hot when I’m pole dancing instead of fat.

  • cbr600girl

    April 30, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    I feel your pain! I went to the doctor and I weighed in at 150. Not too bad, except for the fact I am only 5’3. I need to lose about 10 pounds to make it to what I weight last year and 20 to make it to what I weighed 2 years ago. When my dad died I was eating out of depression and I never stopped. I fall off every diet because apparently I have no will power. I tried jogging, but I have horrible shin splints. I hate exercise! I can’t afford the diet food programs like jenny craig and the other popular one. We should start a support group!

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