Freestyle with superman drop

amelia2000 Paid Member 6 hours ago
I always lose the momentum in brass monkey and brass bridge after ayesha- if anyone has any tips on maintaining the spin I'd be grateful!

CHALLENGE October Halloween freestyle

amelia2000 Paid Member 7 hours ago
Not perfect but I'm not sure if I will get chance to refilm and I don't have many potential Halloween outfits. BUT it was interesting poling in a long skirt if a little tricky as it's too long for me anyway- hence the shoes. And as for the

Dead Man's Party OCT CHALLENGE 2020

Veena 12 hours ago
I decided to go vertical when filming this, so if you have a phone tap the 4 arrows to make it FULL screen 📲 ! No need to rotate to horizontal. I had a lot of fun creating this, from the planning, filming and editing, I wish I had more time to

Summer Freestyle

PoleAdventures Paid Member a day ago
It's more than a year since my last dance video, so it's time! This was from summer! Time flies it's crazy! I'm now 4 years a member of Studio Veena and started as total unflexible and strengthless person 🌹🌹🌹 I'm really proud of this

Side Superman 10/19/20

hookedonpole Previous Paid Member a day ago
Thank you, Veena, for your Side Superman lesson!!! Your point of contact at the side of the knee on bottom leg made all the difference for me. As well as cup grip helped a lot. I forgot to switch once but POC at side of knee is what is the


PoleAdventures Paid Member 3 days ago
Tried the two handed mercury. Ouchy :) Looks really cool on spinning.

October Challenge

Ewaters7131810 3 days ago
So not my best as I am still recovering from an injury, but still fun as an 80's zombie. Song is Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie.

Happy (almost) Halloween!

From our booty shaking team <3 Clip is of our awesome instructor, Jeannie.

Uploaded Oct 19th, 2020

Skittles01 4 days ago
Just a fun quick combo because I thought this song was 🔥

Side Superman Practice 10/18/20

hookedonpole Previous Paid Member 4 days ago
I have NEVER been able to get anywhere near accomplishing Side Superman. Thanks to Veena's lesson, I got this far. Now, these are in between a whole lot of attempts and horrible failures. But at least was able to get a few throughout the practice.

Uploaded Oct 18th, 2020

chuyehara Paid Member 5 days ago
Thanks for the Side Superman to Remi Sit suggestion, Veena!

Uploaded Oct 18th, 2020

Fanny Paid Member 5 days ago
A little spinning combo practice on Sunday afternoon :)

Uploaded Oct 18th, 2020

tezza267288 Previous Paid Member 6 days ago
Just for the fun of it

Uploaded Oct 15th, 2020

Dadgirl21 Paid Member 8 days ago
Freestyle combo

Elbow Stand Mini Routine Practice

hookedonpole Previous Paid Member 20 days ago
This video has two run-throughs of Veena's Elbow Stand mini routine. These are after I watched and followed Veena's break down of the routine, adding on some of my own to make a longer routine for a workout.

Chandelier- Spin Pole

Skittles01 20 days ago
September 2020

Uploaded Oct 2nd, 2020

ifigeniasusana9866 Paid Member 22 days ago
Beginner floor work with special guest Alvin!

September challenge

Corrie Paid Member 22 days ago
Filmed on September 17 - 2 months and 2 days after I had surgery on my abs. Trying to be good and didn’t re-record even though I wanted to. Thanks for the challenge! It got me on the pole and I’m so happy!

September Challenge 2020

hookedonpole Previous Paid Member 23 days ago
Here it is! I have to give credit to an online choreo class to be able to accomplish this challenge.
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Love the instruction Veena! Your instruction helped me to safely perform this move against my pole, after I practiced against my mattress.
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