Uploaded May 18th, 2022

Day 20 of the no pole beginner program, a forearm stand for me, so thrilled I actually got up there! So much work to do but 20 days ago I couldn't have done this!

Stop the jumping habit (Split grip help)

Veena 7 days ago
Pleas watch my full tutorial for full instructions https://www.studioveena.com/lessons/view/5e7b8bc9-04f4-49fe-9712-2a18ac110005

Short on time, climb+sit practice

azu polerbear Paid Member a month ago
I try to do multiple exercises together to save some time, this was from beginner pole climb & sits

Sexy step behinds

azu polerbear Paid Member Apr 9, 2022
Having fun from level 1 beginner πŸ€“

Beginner combo day 10

azu polerbear Paid Member Apr 6, 2022
Putting together some previously learned moves and getting teddy practice 😭 my bad side was suffering so much lol 😝 my good side felt it but I’ve always loved Teddy so it’s bearable even after not training for several months πŸ€“

Uploaded Mar 28th, 2022 - 1

Fanny Paid Member Mar 28, 2022
I had a really good training today, that's not always the case. Thanks Veena, for inspiring me on the second move in this little clip! It still hurts on the arm, but it's getting better.

Uploaded Mar 28th, 2022

Fanny Paid Member Mar 28, 2022
I was curious of the Shuffle now for quite a while. I think I managed to do it today! Next time I'll try with straight legs :)

Uploaded Mar 24th, 2022

leannedixon9707 Paid Member Mar 24, 2022
Never knew I'd pole dance!!! - clips from the first few months on the pole.

Update new 45 pole

PatSmack Mar 6, 2022
It finally happened... I'm on spin mode! Going down from 50m powder coat to 45/chrome is definitely an adjustment. Comparing the two I grip better on powder coat. Trying out some spins and various other moves.

Thigh rest aka Jamilla to Inverted Crucifix

Veena Feb 28, 2022
Demonstrating this combo for someone who had a question. If you're struggling with the Jamila the tutorial will help. Thigh rest https://www.studioveena.com/lessons/view/5e8611fb-f938-415c-be47-549dac110005 Having a solid thigh rest is key for

Twisted grip Ayesha to brass monkey

Veena Feb 25, 2022
Someone wanted to know what this transition would look like. Hope this helps. I got out of a hot shower and thought, hey I'm all warm so I'd make a quick vid.

New learnings, flag hold, invert variation, figurehead spin

PoleAdventures Paid Member Feb 24, 2022
Tried the flag hold for the first time, ouchy this is bad on my skin ;) But I was surprised I could hold it on spinning (on my weaker side!!). Then a figurehead spin and an invert variation I don't know the name.
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Teaching is a true gift and Veena has it. Besides an amazing performer, she thoroughly breaks down and demonstrates each move. I love the lessons! Being online makes them super flexible. And they are so affordable! Perfect!
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