Date: Jan 31, 2022
Hi guys! This is day 1. If you don't have a boa at home, try using a scarf or anything long and light weight, Christmas tree garland works too. Another idea is wrapping your body in a sheet and finding new ways to slowly reveal all your glory! Remember to BREATHE and don't rush. If it feels like it's slow, it's probably still faster than it should be.
ZenMo Previous Paid MemberI had fun working a scarf into my dance sessions today! Looking forward to the rest of this series. 😊
Feb 2, 2022
VeenaYay 🥳
Feb 2, 2022
beginner2So beautiful ❤️ Thanks for the tips 💜
Feb 5, 2022
PatSmackLate to day 1 but video is gonna be on the way.
Feb 11, 2022
StudioVeena's lessons are the best online lessons on the net. All of Veena's lessons are very through, concise and she breaks down the moves, so well and gives options to get in and out of moves which I love. I <3 SV, you will too!
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