Date: Jun 9, 2021
Welcome! This is an introduction to my 30 Day Take Off Program, please watch and listen. THE MENTIONED LESSONS AT THE END OF THIS VIDEO ARE NOW FOUND IN DIFFERENT SECTIONS! THE SITE HAS GROWN SO MUCH WITH NEW CONTENT!! YOU'LL FIND ALL DANCE ROUTINES IN THE ROUTINE POLE DANCE ALL LEVELS SECTION. THE WORKOUT AND STRETCHING ROUTINES ARE NOW FOUND IN THEIR OWN SECTION AS WELL. POLE COMBOS HAVE THEIR OWN SECTION TOO! You will not see any of the mentioned related lessons below as this is a free version. Please purchase the lesson to view everything.
aida kaidnz Paid MemberRestarting my Pole Journey!!!
Hope you don't mind I will use the comments section to help me to track my place on the website :)
And probably to take some Self-Notes (SN) as well :)

---- SN ----
Dance Routine > Routine Pole Dance (all levels)
Workout and Stretching > Own Section
Combos > Own Section
Jun 22, 2021
VeenaWelcome back to pole!!
Jun 22, 2021
aida kaidnz Paid MemberThank You 🥰
Jun 23, 2021
DancingMommy2020 Previous Paid MemberGlad i was introduced to your website! I plan on purchasing the yearly eventually! Im a first time pole dancer. I purchased my pole about a week ago but havent had much of a chance to use it yet as i have been feeling kinda intimidated by it. So a few people in a group on facebook told me to come to your site! Cant wait to learn and lose weight while having fun!
Oct 13, 2021
VeenaAwesome! Please let me know if I can help you in any way.
Oct 13, 2021
I've been poling on and off for about 3 years and only just started Veena lessons. I had done pole classes before but they did not help with building strength. Using studio Veena has made more aware about what my body is capable of.
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