I can no longer do Gemini...

Saori Yosano
I practiced pole in the past for about half a year, and then I stopped for half a year.
Recently I've resumed my practice and realised I can't do the stuff I used to do with ease- especially Gemini.
I used to feel very secure in Gemini position and I could hang for quite a while, whereas now I feel very insecure and I slip down in a few seconds.
I'm not sure if it's a matter of practice because when I first learned it i could do it without much fuss..
In the gap of half a year, I probably lost the muscles required for pole- I now go to the gym regularly but I don't know what I can do at the gym particularly to improve in pole dancing. Any suggestions?
Also, I used to do spinning pole and the studio I go to now only does static lessons. I feel like it's significantly harder- is it actually tr case that static is more difficult, or is it because I had a break for half a year??
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your replies x
Jul 10, 2017
StrangeFox Paid Member
Hey Saori Yosano - glad to hear you're getting back in the game! I feel like whenever I take time off of an activity, whether it's pole or anything else for that matter, it can be frustrating to return to it because I've lost a bit of strength/technique and it feels like I have to start all over again. Gemini probably felt easier for you to do when you first started learning the move because you were doing other activities to work yourself up to it. It takes time to regain the muscle memory and remember the points of contact, so go easy on yourself - you'll nail the Gemini again in no time. :)

Also, are you getting killer pole burn when you do Gemini? That always causes me to slip when I'm doing Gemini from the floor because I'm reluctant to open my hips and let the pole really press into the points of contact (it hurts so bad!!!) If you have Veena's lessons, check out the one on the Gemini. There are some great tips in there. All of Veena's lessons are awesome and I highly recommend purchasing a membership if you haven't already. There are some routines you can do without a pole (the sexy abs and legs routine is one, I believe). If you're going to the gym, things like pull ups, dead lifts, and bent over rows might be helpful for the upper body. If you can take a pilates or yoga class at your gym, that could be helpful for core strength, body/muscle awareness, and flexibility, and I've found running and squats have done great things for my legs. It all depends on where you're having issues strength-wise and what you'll enjoy enough to stick to.

I don't know if static really is harder than spinning, but I just tried spinning pole (LOVE IT!) and in some respects I can see how static pole can be a bit challenging if you're used to spinning. For instance, you have to create your own momentum on static. I feel like spinning is in general harder to get used to because you're constantly moving so you have to think fast and find a way to "center" yourself so you don't get lost in the motion. Of course, anything you're not used to is going to seem harder. Happy poling - and keep us posted on your progress! ;)
Jul 11, 2017
I've lost some moves in the past whenever I've been away from the pole for too long. I'll usually go back to the previous move I learned before the lost move, and if that's not comfortable I'll go back to the move before that ( and keep going until I find something I'm comfortable with ) then I'll work forward again until I'm reconditioned enough to do the lost move over again.
I also think Veenas lessons are good suggestion. Especially because her moves are in order from beginning to advanced and each move conditions you for the next.
Jul 16, 2017
Love the instruction Veena! Your instruction helped me to safely perform this move against my pole, after I practiced against my mattress.
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