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I'm currently working on a blog piece for my studio and the topic I'm writing about regards performing.  Whether it's pole, aerial, hoop, belly dance...etc.... I'd like to pose the question for some valuable feedback:

What kinds of tips would you offer to a friend who was gearing up to perform in a show, competition, or for their significant other for the first time? 

I find our nerves are relevant for whomever we're performing for.  It would be great to hear what insight you all have on this topic.  Thank you all for your feedback.  I also intend on linking this discussion in my piece once completed for an additional resource for our readers. 
Jul 23, 2012
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

Only put stuff in that you can do without thinking.

Know your music.

Realize that probably at some point in the routine you will screw up.  How you react to this is important.  By knowing your music you can freestyle the void of the missed parts and jump back in at the right place.

L-theanine!!!  This is the chemical that is in green tea that calms you.  Either fix yourself the strongest cup of green tea that you can handle (use several bags per cup) or purchase l-theanine at the health food store.  It will seriously take the edge off.

If you are performing for a loved one keep it sexy and skip the big tricks.  Make eye contact and stroke that pole.

Practice in your costume!!!  You never know if you will have a wardrobe malfuntion if you do not run a dress rehearsal.  On that note:  NIPPLE COVERS and/or garment tape.  I remember Amber falling out of a move because her skirt got caught between her leg and the pole and she had no grip.  I had issues with both shoes and a tutu.

In a show or comp prepare for the worst pole conditions.  Know what aids work best for you when you are super sweaty and which ones work for you when you are freezing cold.



Jul 23, 2012
I wish I have read this thread before my previous performances . I almost learnt every lesson the hard way, grip in cold weather, nipple cover, pratice in custume, screwed up something almost in every performance, you name it!
Jul 24, 2012

Choose music that won't make you want to gouge your eyes out after you've heard it for the 2,348th time.  

Be prepared with a few favorite combos in case, as chemgoddess said, you miss a mark. If you're forced to freestyle it doesn't hurt to have some "I can do these in my sleep" combos in the hopper.

Avoid carbonated beverages or breads/starchy foods a day or two before your performance. They'll bloat you and dancing like that is NO fun. 

Practice in your makeup. I once danced in crazy feather false eyelashes. They looked great but I was seriously distracted by them.

Don't dance in anything new: shoes, bra, etc.... make sure you take them out for more than one trial run, even if you're used to dancing in shoes or if the bra is similar to others you own. You never know, this one might be the one with a scratchy underwire!
Jul 24, 2012
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

If your shorts ride up or down LEAVE THEM.  There is nothing more distracting than someone fidgiting with their costume.  I think I did half of my last performance with my top off to the side (nipple coverage to the rescue).  Only if your hoo ha is out should you adjust but try to make it subtle.  This is another time when garment tape is your friend.  A little on the egdes between your legs will keep things in place.

And as odd as this sounds there really is a case for the safety g-string or thong.  One, it can keep you from having massive cameltoe and a little too much TMI here but sometimes nervousness can make you excited in ways you would not think and you can end up with a wet spot.  If the venue is going to be darkly lit you can get away with a lot but if there are bright lights things can be a little embarassing.

Deodorant can be your enemy.  Think about how slick it is and then think about how that would be on your pole. 


Jul 24, 2012
Oh lord yes to the deodorant. A little dry hands or tite grip on the pits is a good deodorant substitute for performing, especially if you're ultra sweaty like me and that itself would make you slip as it does me.
Jul 24, 2012

I like to have a playlist with me as a warm up set, music to pump me up.  I have one song on my playlist that helps calms my nerves and makes me laugh.  I listen to The Lonely Islands Like A Boss during warm up. 
Jul 24, 2012

I read a really great post here from Man Candy. He encouraged performers to think about nerves as a good thing. You are nervous because of adrenaline which makes works in your body to make you stronger and faster. So think of butterflies as a positive. They mean you are ready.

This advice has been really helpful to me. I don't use the word nervous at all now. I say I have a lot of adrenaline or I am really ready to perform. 

Then during the performance, smile and have fun. You pole dance because you love it. So let your face be a part of that and smile.  Make eye contact with your audience. Perform to them not as if they are just accidentally in the room.  I am really working on this part. 

Jul 27, 2012
Juicy J

Really like what you said there, DaniandmoreDani!!! ^_^

There is this legendary pole instructor at Bobbi's Pole Studio named Chilli and I cannot tell you how many times I have watched her performances and pictures of her performing where she is wearing her multi million dollar grin simply because she LOVES to perform so much!
It really helps calms the nerves and also allows your audience to see just how much you enjoy your art!
Jul 30, 2012
I started pole dancing with Studio Veena since there wasn't a good studio around. Once in a while I did a private or a workshop, but most of the times it was Veena, my friend an I training together. I wouldn't have been where I am now without Studio Veena
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