Date: May 26, 2023
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Posting so I can look back in the future. If anyone happens to see this...

For years, I felt guilty that I didn't find joy in learning all the trendy tricks. I felt that as an instructor, it was my duty to follow and participate in trends.

After struggling with mental health during covid followed by my year of physical injuries (none pole related), I now feel confident and downright happy about being a "basic" pole dancer.

I've worked hard over the past 15 years to develop safe and effective education and training for pole dancers. That's where I find my joy. Well, that and freestyling when I feel like it. 😉 💜

My wish for fellow pole fanatics is to find your joy without the need to prove anything to anyone, including yourself! From the occasional pole studio attendees to the daily pole warriors and those who feel physically or mentally broken. You are all worthwhile humans, just as you are right NOW.

therightthing0077930 Paid MemberWOW! You are amazing! Happy to be learning from someone with this knowledge and skill level. Appreciate the encouraging and kind words.
May 28, 2023
VeenaThank you for the kind words 💜
May 28, 2023
aerialboudoir5477 Previous Paid MemberThank you for these words of wisdom.
Each of us has our own dreams, and stories.
I am a "basic" pole dancer too. I used to work very hard to learn pole over a decade ago, when pole was not as popular and "online" as it is now. I was a teacher, not into teaching in advanced trick, but instead more into teaching safe ways flow expression. I admire those who are always developing new advanced, trendy skills, but I have never been into it. Competitions, big performances have never been my aim. I enjoy performing and entertaining smaller audience, not showing off amazing tricks, but instead flowing in improvisation with poise and musicality. I was probably more 'impressive' early on in my journey: younger, fitter, stronger, taking risks. But I am now happier, and more at peace with myself.
Jul 6, 2023
VeenaXoxoxo Thank you!
Jul 6, 2023
litlbit Paid Member
An absolute must whether your an at home poler, a studio student, instructor, and or owner!! I subscribe yearly!!!
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