Date: Jan 24, 2022
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Far from where I've been, but much stronger than I was. My hands are stronger and skin desensitized enough to do combos!
baaybgyrl Previous Paid MemberYesss!! You go girl!!!!!
Jan 25, 2022
amelia2000Congratulations! Looking good x
Jan 25, 2022
PoleAdventures Paid MemberNice Veena! Congrats to forward aerial invert!
Jan 25, 2022
VeenaThanks everyone!
Jan 25, 2022
I'm so excited to have Veena in my computer..I took a class but the teacher wasn't that great. I bought a pole put it up in my living room and Veena on my computer and it's been amazing. I can feel her kindness and her knowledge. thank u
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