Date: Dec 21, 2020
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Monica Kay, here's how that crazy move went for me. It's a bit long as I included all the attempts in learning but I think it turned out ok. I thought some might find it interesting to see how I learn something. I turned the camera off when I had to look at the video again to review. Thanks Monica kay for posting this hurts and enjoy my confusion and fails
monica kay Paid MemberLOVE IT. sorry about that pole burn XP. I gotta say its soooo fun to watch you even if there are struggles- you are so so graceful. I'll post a better video lol bc the one i posted missed probably the most important part- the entry! i guess i was trying to keep it brief. I think my hanging arm might be in a different position. (oh hay- did you do your other side? HAHA)
Dec 22, 2020
VeenaI did try the other did not happen. I have it filmed but that was about 2 full minutes of nope! I did try to place my top arm around the other way because I couldn't tell for sure what to top arm was doing but not a chance my shoulder would let me. I might have missed adding that clip.
Dec 22, 2020
VeenaYes, I do have the clips trying to do it with my arm the other way. The first way I tried it my arm couldn't go that way. Ended up using the hooked elbow pit at the end.
Dec 22, 2020
After learning a new move in class, I always check out the lesson on StudioVeena to get extra tips and to make sure I have learned all I can to make it right, and safe!
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