Date: Jan 4, 2019
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Each day for a week I'll share one part of this routine allowing you to learn it step by step! You'll see the earliest option in the box at the top left corner.
LatinPoler Previous Paid MemberYay!!!!! Love it.
Jan 4, 2019
nyxed Paid MemberWow, Veena! This is great. I love the variations too 😊 Will we be posting our progress as separate entries after every section or just one time at the end?
Jan 5, 2019
VeenaAs separate groups of moves... for 7 days then the last day, (day 8) go for the full routine!
Jan 5, 2019
Stormy AKA PastinaBallerina Paid Member
I am very excited!! My front splits are noticeably better than the last time I did this routine!!
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