Date: Jun 8, 2017
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I want to share these clips as an example of why learning and perfecting fundamentals pole work is important. Most everything you see here stems from a fundamental pole move. I consider the 1st combo with the shoulder flip variation to be an elite level because it's a step above what is considered advanced in my lessons. However, there's nothing terribly complex about these combos IF you have the fundamentals down!

With all that in mind, students, when you see an exciting new move or combo and ask your instructor to teach you and they say no, listen to them!! It's their job to know if you've been working on the fundamentals long enough to try above advanced combos.

Long story short.....Don't forget about training your fundamentals, it will make learning trendy and elite moves easier!
Aquarian Air💜💜💜💜
Jun 9, 2017
StrangeFox Paid MemberLove it! :) This is why I want to try to master moves (on both sides!) before moving on.
Jun 9, 2017
Tali Kat
These exercises are awesome! I was having trouble with pole holds, so I'm really enjoying doing stuff like this so build up more strength :D
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