Showcase routine- dead editors- Massive attack

Nawelelfe Jun 29, 2016
My first group routine ever with my two best pole buddies! It was more work than we thought because its like creating two routines, one for the girl on the pole and one for the girls off the pole the entire time, but it was an interesting work. The

Winning Routine Pole Princess Ireland 2015- Mad max inspired routine :)

Nawelelfe Nov 30, 2015
So here is my winning routine in the professional category. What you dont see is that I actually went through half of my routine until the music stopped. So after a few encouragements from the crowd I went and started again, so this is actually round

Pole Princess Ireland 2014- Stripper Zombie Winning routine

Nawelelfe Nov 25, 2014
My first routine in heels, finally got over my fears of heels and had a blast with this! The pole was very slippery so tricks weren't as clean as Id hoped but I freaked everybody out, so I was delighted :)

First freestyle in heels :)

Nawelelfe Oct 5, 2014
I have never really worked with heels and I have to force myself now because I want to wear them in my next comp! 6 weeks to master them! I had to edit this because most of my freestyle was terrible and very awkward with terrible floorwork attemtps,

My competition routine this time professionaly edited!

Nawelelfe Sep 16, 2014
Ah now I can see all the moves a lot clearer on this video with this quality, I had a good time at this comp. Afterwards I felt like I had messed up loads but looking back its not bad at all :) Hope you enjoy it Veeners! This is probably one of my

All Ireland Pole Comp 2014

Nawelelfe Sep 15, 2014
First time on such a big stage, a few small mess ups but overall I am happy with it. I wish I had placed oh well, maybe next comp :)

Flash training to try out new camera tripod

Nawelelfe Apr 9, 2014
Yes, I finally got a tripod that is very grippy and flexible to I can attach it to another pole and play with angles :) Im loving it and dont need to ask anyone to record me anymore or put up yoga blocks or such together to create a stand for my

Winning routine Pole Princess 2013- pro category

Nawelelfe Dec 2, 2013
Had a very busy week getting married wednesday and competing in Pole Princess on sunday :) Please ignore the bad acting at the start, I have no talent for that. I was going for a jamesbond theme, hope that's obvious :)

Spinny practice after weeks off!

Nawelelfe Nov 29, 2013
so after weeks working on static pole only to prepare a competition last week I am finally able to play with spinny again! Loving it!!!!

All Ireland Competition Belfast

Nawelelfe Sep 10, 2013
Ok, this is a routine I put together last minute, appart from the combos that I already had, the "dancing" bits are an attempt at sexy which Id never really done before.... So now I see this and think of it as a starting point to work more with

9 months pregnant last year, good times :)

Nawelelfe Aug 23, 2013
Just came accross this old video and it almost makes we want to be pregnant again! I enjoyed dancing so much back then, even if I was limited in the moves, cant explain the joy of moving and feeling good!

Working on flow and pirouetty stuff and a few tricks

Nawelelfe Jun 17, 2013
This week I did long warmups, trying to work on little spins, having more flow and try and create momentum on static pole... there are also a few trickcs Im working on or refreshing :)Sorry for the very basic editing, have no time these days...

Training this week

Nawelelfe May 22, 2013
So last night working on a few things, flag hold splits ( not that I can do splits), reversed eblow dismount, anastasia etc I dont know most names fo the moves, but loving trying them :)

Training from this week

Nawelelfe May 17, 2013
This is just a little bit of a very long session I had this week. Was too lazy to record after I got properly warm but at least I have proof of my attempts of ballerina splits( ?) and few other things :)

Irish Pole Championships 2013- my winning routine advanced section

Nawelelfe Apr 23, 2013
So glad to be back on the pole properly after the baby and a lot of work :) The crowd was great and the poles not too wobbly, really enjoyed it!

First slow and slinky freestyle :)

Nawelelfe Oct 31, 2012
After receiving my pole lights and bodybinds, my pole buddy and I thought we had to do a sexy freestyle :) This is a first for me, as I don't really know how to dance sexy, thanks to my pole buddy Polegrrrl I was able to look descent enough( the

My routine for the breast cancer charity gig and first performance post baby :)

Nawelelfe Aug 21, 2012
First performance in almost a year! So I still had to be careful here and had to cut the song short and only had one invert (which I almost missed). Really enjoyed poling that night and cannot wait to get back to where I was before and get better!!!

Pregnancy pole final and post partum pole

Nawelelfe Aug 21, 2012
This is the last months of my pregnancy and the first few weeks afterwards. I was able to pole until the end ( with very modified spins and climbs only) and able to get back soon afterwards, but still being cautious. I am still doing short pole

Pregnant and poling!

Nawelelfe Mar 19, 2012
This is a recap of the past few months while Im pregnant and still poling a little. Please note that I have the ok from my doctor and also that before I got pregnant I was training 3 to 4 times a week. I have stopped inverts and anything that feels

Pole compilation over the past two years, a lot of spiny!

Nawelelfe Feb 17, 2012
This is a good summary of my pole work during the past 2 years until last summer! There is some stuff here Im not proud of but its fun looking back at it :) I am now a shy 6 months pregnant so no more big tricks for me at the moment, but still
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I'm glad you added the last Pole Hold lesson at the end, really help me understand the grip and scapula positioning better than I did before. Thnk you! :-)
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