I See Fire - Freestyle - Tracee Kafer

tracee Aug 20, 2014
I am so glad I recorded this freestyle on a whim. This is our "last call" song in Finding Your Freestyle ... post-class free time to do whatever you need. I am always BUZZING from watching my students - and so I jumped in to dance to a song I hadn't

Finding Your Freestyle: FLOORWORK Demo

tracee Jun 9, 2014
Here is a short demo from the Finding Your Freestyle: FLOORWORK edition! This workshop was built on techniques for moving on the floor (between the poles, etc.), combined with the improv applications of FYF to create 2 hours of constant motion and

Sia "Chandelier" Pole'Ography | Tracee Kafer

tracee May 31, 2014
I'm so reinspired to join in on the AMAZEBALLS community on SV. You guys are so passionate, supportive, loving! I love it ... keep working hard and sharing all your progress as a testament to your practice. Here is some recent choreo I've worked on

Style Swap (Heels)

tracee May 31, 2014
Recently I immersed myself in heels for an entire week in a goal to learn new things. I definitely learned ALOT about heel technique; how to move in them well, balance and accentuate the feet in shoes. I exhausted my ankles, lol. A lot of my


tracee May 31, 2014
Here you go Veena, thank you for suggesting I post it on SV! I absolutely loved working with Rebecca Starr in this Freestyle Session on the Lyra. She does beautiful work, and has such a mastery of her apparatus she can really dive in and create

Colorado Workshops - Spin Pole Fluidity w: Tracee Kafer

tracee Feb 19, 2014
Hey Colorado Veeners!!!! I'm coming for ya this Sunday and Monday to Vertical Fusion! I thought for my Spin Pole Fluidity class it might be helpful to make short vid talking about what I hope to accomplish with you in the workshop, and to end with a

Tracee Kafer - Atlantic Pole Dramatic Champion 2013

tracee May 31, 2013
I'm SO excited to finally share with you my winning "Dramatic" performance for the Atlantic Pole Championships, which earned the highest score of any category. (Whew, that's still crazy and I don't believe it. Lol.) I'm saying this with genuine

Tracee & Josh

tracee May 10, 2013
There is something truly beautiful about the experience of communication and sharing energy thru DANCE. To let someone in, to feel safe to go there with them. Partnering with Josh in the studio lately has brought me such joy. Just breathing and

Tracee Freestyle - One Step Closer

tracee Apr 30, 2013
This song, and it's words of "One Step Closer" - is exactly what I needed to dance out. I wasn't even aware that I was grinning like crazy while I was dancing!!! hahaha. A long-waiting 4 year journey is finally almost over, and new one soon begins. A

Freestyle With A Dash More Sexy

tracee Feb 18, 2013
Just a cool down freestyle at the end of training today. Was feeling this song as I've played it in class this week, it makes me feel so slinky and good!!! Song is "Black Acres" by Elysian Fields.

Pole Dance - Grey Room

tracee Jan 20, 2013
Damien Rice. *sigh* (p.s. sorry borrowed a camera and I think this looks a bit blurry, #mybad)

ME + Paint + Jimi Hendrix - AERA Fin de Siglo

tracee Nov 12, 2012
This performance was 100% freestyled, as obviously with all that set-up we couldn't do any prep or run thru. That left this experience a bit scary, a lot spontaneous, and super fun. :) I hope you enjoy my homage to the 1960s-era Performance Art

PoleOgraphy - Pole Contempo/Sexy Choreography

tracee Nov 5, 2012
I love these girls interpretations of the PoleOgraphy piece to Citizen Cope's "Sideways" from 10/25/2012, so I wanted to share for them. The intention! The soul! The sensuality! I love watching them shine. :) If you are in NY, and you want to

My Dance of Loneliness

tracee Oct 21, 2012
I'll admit, lately, I have been feeling - loneliness. Don't get me wrong, my life is full, rich, and very wonderful. And I do like my own company - I can be a loner very easily and happily. I am married to a wonderful man, and we are kept apart -

Warm-Up Freestyle to Damien Rice | Body & Pole

tracee Aug 26, 2012
Been loving my favorites from Damien Rice lately, just a nice and easy warmup freestyle. :)

Just Needed this Freestyle | Tracee @Body & Pole

tracee Aug 21, 2012
So, I have a few competitions coming up (!!!!!!!!!!!) and you know that feeling when you are thinking SO much about a concept, a song, a "pass", that you really need to step back, put on something else and just be you. For a moment, for pure

PoleOgraphy at Body & Pole - Getting Into Character "Drunk, Desperate, Sexy"

tracee Aug 3, 2012
This is what happens when I force my students to act like drunken broads. :) I love when they embrace the character, not just the choreo. BRAVO!

Bringing Sexy Back

tracee Jul 14, 2012
Just wanted to participate in this awesome week of sexy fun! Yay UPA!!!! :)

A Special PoleOgraphy Class - "Fool of Me"

tracee Jul 13, 2012
This was the second week of doing this piece ... the first week we discussed how to emote honestly in a dance, whether through empathy, reflection, or imagination. That class ended up being a beautiful experience for me as a teacher because we

Tracee - Polesque Show LA 2012

tracee Jun 25, 2012
My little closing show piece for the first Polesque in LA. Great show, great contestants, great fun - and ÆRA's show right after brilliant, I was proud to be a part of it!
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