Henry's hoop trick Mar 12th, 2017

Veena Mar 12, 2017
He calls this the Hook Punch. I'm sure it already has a name but it's neat he came up with it and wanted to share. Maybe he can take over the business 😆😆

Chair and floorwork freestyle

Veena Jan 11, 2017
A girl awakens from her Cryogenic dream.....Didn't plan on making a video but liked how the recording turned out and went with it. The song is Cryogenic Dreams by Phutureprimitive.

Happy Holidays Lyra

Veena Dec 18, 2016
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season. This week will be crazy busy and I'd hoped to make a pole video but this might have to due for now. xoxo

Ex's and Oh's Striptease :P

Veena Oct 16, 2016
Yes, I love the art of a tease, I think everyone should give it a try at least once in their life. I hope you enjoy, I had a great time dancing!

Some fundamental fun!

Veena Aug 18, 2016
A fun song come on after my scope today and I thought I'd practice what I preach 💜😉

Flow like water

Veena Aug 2, 2016
Just enjoying the movement. 💜 I hope you take time to shut out the world and enjoy the movement of you too!

Heels and Lollipop Dance

Veena Jun 24, 2016
I haven't used my Lollipop for 6 months!!!! The heels made a lot of go to moves challenging, it seems that 7 inch heels make using the lolli difficult!

Moby Rushing - Dance Video

Veena Apr 17, 2016
Some of you might have seen my periscope about 2 weeks ago where I was showing everyone how I go about recording myself so I have content to use for videos like this. I didn't use fancy backdrops or lighting for this one, just wanted to focus on

Twisted grip mount, cartwheel mount and handspring mount

Veena Apr 5, 2016
Slow motion so you can see the differance in the entires 💜

Showing Grips for Split, Cup and Twisted!

Veena Mar 28, 2016
A VERY quick explanation of the different grips used for handsprings and cartwheel mounts. I'm FREEZING LOL 😨

Hammock 💜

Veena Feb 3, 2016
After recording some more lessons I decided to try connecting my GoPro with periscope again and mess around with hammock for a song. This is Middle Hammock, Double Point hung. 💜

Getting started with Hammock

Veena Jan 31, 2016
Welcome to my hammock lessons! This video will provide helpful tips and information on using these lessons. To purchase a hammock check out this website, she has great deals, is super helpful and has been a SV member since way back!

My new Lyra by Fluid Metal Designs!

Veena Jan 10, 2016
It's super crazy sparkly AND black light reactive!!!!!!

Jan 7th Perascope #notastripper

Veena Jan 9, 2016
Clips from my weekly periscope, you can catch me on Thursdays, so feel free to follow to receive notification anytime I'm live! This week I discussed the hashtag #notastripper. Please keep in minds I'm not saying EVERYONE should love or always dance

Some clips of my Monday Periscope 💜

Veena Jan 6, 2016
I nailed a handstand while hooping and played a bit with the Lollipop again!

Tips for packing a performance bag

Veena Dec 14, 2015
I was unpacking from a gig the night before and thought it would be a good opportunity to share what I bring with!

Tips for warm ups and keeping warm

Veena Dec 5, 2015
This was Thursday's 11/3/15 periscope. I cover tips for beginning a workout when you've been sitting around and feeling COLD. 💜

5 min Periscope Why do you Pole?

Veena Nov 20, 2015
I'd love to hear from you! Post below ⬇️ why you pole now, or why you started!!

Periscope 12th 2015

Veena Nov 12, 2015
Q & A. I answer questions about Brass Monkey, Thigh Rest, Split Grips, Cartwheel into Ayasha, where to buy a hoop and give advice to some newbies 💜 Thanks for watching!

Controlled Momentum 🍂

Veena Nov 6, 2015
Today's periscope 11/5/15 The first half was lost after I was interrupted by a phone call, so I made a quick additional video, so hopefully I remembered what I had talked about! Please feel free to share this with friends who may find it helpful 💜
Naomi Levellie
I absolutely love the way you teach!!!! Thank you ❤️ I am growing better every single time I am learning with you! And I just love this move! Talent.
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