Freestyle at the end of my workout

Veena Jun 18, 2021
I normally just delete freestyles these days or keep them to myself. I really liked some of the combos that happened.....for the most part. Side note: It's kinda sad/silly that I feel I have to say I don't actually use. Different times these

Quick freestyle - static low flow

Veena Mar 23, 2021
I miss this space and this pole!

Random freestyle - Hometown girl

Veena Mar 12, 2021
I had just finished a photo shoot and was about to be done for the day. This song comes on so I decided to dance real quick :) Nothing fancy, but I think it's important for people to see what enjoying yourself looks like. Who cares if you don't do

Valentine's day sexy combos

Veena Feb 10, 2021
Some sexy inspiration for Valentines day!! From a previous IG challenge #svpolelove

Red Lips

Veena Jan 9, 2021
I made this video about 2 yrs ago I think?

Realtime learning a new move

Veena Dec 21, 2020
Monica Kay, here's how that crazy move went for me. It's a bit long as I included all the attempts in learning but I think it turned out ok. I thought some might find it interesting to see how I learn something. I turned the camera off when I had to

The difference between exercise bands

Veena Dec 21, 2020
Quancutie this is for you. I wouldn't say the big green band is good for building strength but it can assist you in learning good mechanics for some strength based moves. The best bands for building muscle are the smaller lighter ones.

Which do you like best?

Veena Nov 25, 2020
This is how I practice when working on combos. I pick a move like standing sneaky v and film while I freestyle to see what comes out! Some end up being better than others, these are a few of my favorites. 🍁🍁🍁

Full body massage with your pole

Veena Nov 18, 2020
Wanna give it a try? Click here

First time back

Veena Oct 30, 2020
My husband hung my Lyra last week, my kids have used it every day since, I have not 🤣 I'm sharing because I want you to know why I took a video. When I get back into pole, hoop, Lyra whatever after a long break, I tend to feel stuck, like I

A Karen goes to the Halloween party - OCT CHALLENGE 2020

Veena Oct 22, 2020
I decided to go vertical when filming this, so if you have a phone tap the 4 arrows to make it FULL screen 📲 ! No need to rotate to horizontal. I had a lot of fun creating this, from the planning, filming and editing, I wish I had more time to


Veena Sep 29, 2020
I did it...whew, I'm tired now. The song is Legs by ZZ top. If you've never seen the original music video it's pretty silly. Here's the link I really wanted to ride up on one of my motorcycles at the start

Test run....My new studio space!

Veena Sep 22, 2020
My first freestyle in my new place. It's always emotionally challenging for me to move my pole space. I become very connected to how it feels and functions. When I have to change that it's overwhelming and I always feel like "this new space will

September Challenge 2020 - Pour some sugar on me!

Veena Sep 1, 2020
I'm bringing the OG Studioveena challenge BACK! Join me this month and share your idea of "Dance to Cliche stripper/pole dance music" Here's mine! Remember to add the word CHALLENGE to your video title so everyone can find it in the challenge section

"Lovely" a freestyle

Veena Aug 13, 2020
Thought I found a way Thought I found a way, yeah (found) But you never go away (never go away) So I guess I gotta stay now Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of here Even if it takes all night or a hundred years Need a place to hide, but I

A few spins you can learn from my updated lessons!

Veena Aug 7, 2020
Please remember spins are not beginner moves just because you're not inverted! All spins are place in each section at the appropriate progression. This means you'll find them through out the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections.

Body waves with leg waves

Veena Jun 16, 2020
A member had a question about adding leg kicks or waves to a body wave...hope this helps. You can lean to the side as much or as little as you like.

How to put xpole bearings back

Veena May 20, 2020
If your bearings from the dome fall out here's how they go back together!

Spinning pole half cartwheel and handspring

Veena Apr 24, 2020
For Skatemoreworkless 💜

SM side stall to gemini flip

Veena Feb 19, 2020
For you Strangefox! I had video of the Shoulder mount side stall gemini flip I was working on last week!
I take lessons in a studio, but between classes at home it is so helpful to have Veena's lessons to refresh my memory of what I learned in class and show me other moves I "should" be able to do based on what I already know. Instructions are so clear!
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