Day 4 Back to Pole (DEC 30th)

Veena 2 days ago
Feeling stronger so started to test Adv. level moves. Still dealing with foot cramps but the back of my knees no longer hurt! Upper body skin still isn't acclimated to grips!!! Remember this is not 4 days in a row, but my 4th session. This body needs

Day 3 Back to Pole (DEC 28th)

Veena 5 days ago
I call this day EVERYTHING HURTS. I'm not talking about muscle soreness. My skin is so desensitized to pole that every armpit and knee pit hurts so bad I couldn't hold anything. I focused on a lot of hand, wrist and shoulder conditioning (not shown)

Day 2 Back to pole (Dec 20th)

Veena 7 days ago
DEADLIFTS ARE SOOOO HARD, UHG. πŸ˜‚ I'm not a fan of deadlifts to begin with, they are great for working on strength but useless as a grounded move. Once my testing of moves is done, I'll be leaving the deadlifts for spin pole inverts! Still couldn't

The Process of leaving Pole Dance

Veena 8 days ago
We humans fight so hard to keep what we THINK we need, want, are suppose do or be.

DAY 1 Back to pole (DEC 17th)

Veena 10 days ago
I've been off the pole and away from exercise since the Beginning of August. Here's a ​video explains why I stopped In this video I try all of my normal "go to" moves

Why I stopped Pole Dancing

Veena 11 days ago
I've decided to share my journey of getting back on the pole. I've had plenty of long stretches without pole dancing, but I've always done some kind of exercise while away. I am out of shape and my clothes don't fit. This does not mean I think I'm


Veena Nov 11, 2021
It feels like forever since I've danced like this. Someday soon I'll be back on the "horse" again. Old vid before covid! I've been off the pole for a few months now.

Dancing in suede boots

Veena Oct 26, 2021
Yes, you can climb but you need to know how to use the knees and not rely on the foot hooking.

Dear Haters.....

Veena Sep 1, 2021
Dear haters - Your words are empty to me. A dance dedicated to anyone who has ever dealt with hateful or hurtful comments. Those comments speak volumes about the other person not you. Hugs, peace and love to my pole family.

Half way home - Freestyle

Veena Jul 20, 2021
Song Half Way Home - PINES, Akacia Freestyle practice from last week. Posting so I can look back when I'm older and longing for the days I could move with such ease. :)

Freestyle at the end of my workout

Veena Jun 18, 2021
I normally just delete freestyles these days or keep them to myself. I really liked some of the combos that happened.....for the most part. Side note: It's kinda sad/silly that I feel I have to say I don't actually use. Different times these

Quick freestyle - static low flow

Veena Mar 23, 2021
I miss this space and this pole!

Random freestyle - Hometown girl

Veena Mar 12, 2021
I had just finished a photo shoot and was about to be done for the day. This song comes on so I decided to dance real quick :) Nothing fancy, but I think it's important for people to see what enjoying yourself looks like. Who cares if you don't do

Valentine's day sexy combos

Veena Feb 10, 2021
Some sexy inspiration for Valentines day!! From a previous IG challenge #svpolelove

Red Lips

Veena Jan 9, 2021
I made this video about 2 yrs ago I think?

Realtime learning a new move

Veena Dec 21, 2020
Monica Kay, here's how that crazy move went for me. It's a bit long as I included all the attempts in learning but I think it turned out ok. I thought some might find it interesting to see how I learn something. I turned the camera off when I had to

The difference between exercise bands

Veena Dec 21, 2020
Quancutie this is for you. I wouldn't say the big green band is good for building strength but it can assist you in learning good mechanics for some strength based moves. The best bands for building muscle are the smaller lighter ones.

Which do you like best?

Veena Nov 25, 2020
This is how I practice when working on combos. I pick a move like standing sneaky v and film while I freestyle to see what comes out! Some end up being better than others, these are a few of my favorites. 🍁🍁🍁

Full body massage with your pole

Veena Nov 18, 2020
Wanna give it a try? Click here

First time back

Veena Oct 30, 2020
My husband hung my Lyra last week, my kids have used it every day since, I have not 🀣 I'm sharing because I want you to know why I took a video. When I get back into pole, hoop, Lyra whatever after a long break, I tend to feel stuck, like I
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I really enjoy working on one move each day. This has given me a wider variety than other places. Awesome :)
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