Freestyle from last week 2023

Veena 14 days ago
Posting so I can look back in the future. If anyone happens to see this... For years, I felt guilty that I didn't find joy in learning all the trendy tricks. I felt that as an instructor, it was my duty to follow and participate in trends.

No Invert Gemini - Full tutorial found in link below

Veena Aug 12, 2022
Here's the full tutorial for Gemini this included the no invert option

Examples of 3 New Floor work Tutorials

Veena Jul 28, 2022
Have fun let me know how it goes!

Stop the jumping habit (Split grip help)

Veena May 13, 2022
Pleas watch my full tutorial for full instructions

Thigh rest aka Jamilla to Inverted Crucifix

Veena Feb 28, 2022
Demonstrating this combo for someone who had a question. If you're struggling with the Jamila the tutorial will help. Thigh rest Having a solid thigh rest is key for

Twisted grip Ayesha to brass monkey

Veena Feb 25, 2022
Someone wanted to know what this transition would look like. Hope this helps. I got out of a hot shower and thought, hey I'm all warm so I'd make a quick vid.

Low pole combo

Veena Feb 10, 2022

When you stop training for months....

Veena Feb 3, 2022
Finally got a workout in today! I thought I'd try the inverted standing split I had shared on my IG....As you can see I can do it, buuuuuut not like before. I just thought it would be interesting to see the difference! I honestly thought it would be

No tricks dance to Ordinary World

Veena Jan 27, 2022
If you've never listened to the words of this song do. Things have changed dramatically for I'd say almost everyone in the past 2 yrs. Loss of many people, loss of lifestyle, the way we think about others.... Here's a link to the lyrics

Day 7 Back on the Pole (Jan 6th)

Veena Jan 27, 2022
Thank you all for your support, commensuration and comments. It was uncomfortable sharing "why I stopped pole dancing" and "the process of leaving pole dance" videos. But it's been kinda fun sharing these clips of training and fails. Normally I need

Day 6 Back on the Pole (Jan 4th)

Veena Jan 24, 2022
Far from where I've been, but much stronger than I was. My hands are stronger and skin desensitized enough to do combos!

My new Studio Space and Training Schedule

Veena Jan 22, 2022
I'm hoping by summer I'll have this space all to myself :) You never know what life will bring tho!

Day 5 Back on the Pole (Jan 2nd)

Veena Jan 20, 2022
Today I was focused on trying the moves I had done the first day. Cartwheel, deadlifts, all much stronger now! My Cartwheel mount is finally feeling solid! Probably wont do much for deadlifts after this lol

Day 4 Back to Pole (DEC 30th)

Veena Jan 18, 2022
Feeling stronger so started to test Adv. level moves. Still dealing with foot cramps but the back of my knees no longer hurt! Upper body skin still isn't acclimated to grips!!! Remember this is not 4 days in a row, but my 4th session. This body needs

Day 3 Back to Pole (DEC 28th)

Veena Jan 15, 2022
I call this day EVERYTHING HURTS. I'm not talking about muscle soreness. My skin is so desensitized to pole that every armpit and knee pit hurts so bad I couldn't hold anything. I focused on a lot of hand, wrist and shoulder conditioning (not shown)

Day 2 Back to pole (Dec 20th)

Veena Jan 13, 2022
DEADLIFTS ARE SOOOO HARD, UHG. 😂 I'm not a fan of deadlifts to begin with, they are great for working on strength but useless as a grounded move. Once my testing of moves is done, I'll be leaving the deadlifts for spin pole inverts! Still couldn't

The Process of leaving Pole Dance

Veena Jan 12, 2022
We humans fight so hard to keep what we THINK we need, want, are suppose do or be.

DAY 1 Back to pole (DEC 17th)

Veena Jan 10, 2022
I've been off the pole and away from exercise since the Beginning of August. Here's a ​video explains why I stopped In this video I try all of my normal "go to" moves

Why I stopped Pole Dancing

Veena Jan 10, 2022
I've decided to share my journey of getting back on the pole. I've had plenty of long stretches without pole dancing, but I've always done some kind of exercise while away. I am out of shape and my clothes don't fit. This does not mean I think I'm


Veena Nov 11, 2021
It feels like forever since I've danced like this. Someday soon I'll be back on the "horse" again. Old vid before covid! I've been off the pole for a few months now.
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