Be Fit

Once you start you can't stop. Pole dance captivates your spirit in a way that no other exercise can.

Be Sexy

Man or woman, sexy is an attitude. Sexy is not about shape, or weight, it is about accepting yourself.

Be Confident

When you push your limits and can embrace yourself for who you are confidence will open new doors.

Recent Discussions

How many pairs of pole shoes do you have?

Recent Post By Veena 26 minutes ago - 5 Posts - 43 Views
I always suggest learning new moves without heels (like Amelia said). Once you can do the move very rarely are your feet making contact with the pole. ...more

Workout accountability Thread

Recent Post By mystical Paid Member a day ago - 63 Posts - 553 Views
I have been practicing floor work, pole flow. My body is a little sore so im going to do some foot and wrist exercises today and tomorrow....more

Frustrating times happen

Recent Post By Veena a day ago - 5 Posts - 186 Views
The good news is once you get back into a regular practice it comes back faster then when you first learned!!! ...more

Beginner- Spinning problems!

Recent Post By katiemelissabird4958 2 days ago - 7 Posts - 60 Views
Thank you Veena i really appreciate it, ill send it via email, take care and stay safex...more


Recent Post By Veena 2 days ago - 5 Posts - 783 Views
Thank you Intrinsicvalue!! 😁😁...more

Buying a used X-Pole

Recent Post By Veena 3 days ago - 2 Posts - 57 Views
While I'm not sure what a good price for a used pole is in your area, I can tell you I have 10 yr old xpoles and they are not corroded. I have many other xpoles several years old sitting unused and...more

What are the Pro's and cons of a stage pole

Recent Post By Colleen Paid Member 4 days ago - 12 Posts - 203 Views
I use a regular pole at home and a stage pole at my summer home. Yes, the stage pole is a pain-in-the-ass to set up and there's not much room for floor work. However, my husband and I are moving out...more

Where can I find an XPOLE?

Recent Post By Veena 6 days ago - 3 Posts - 46 Views
Yep, xpole website it best....more

fed up with my slippery pole

Recent Post By JessMcG Paid Member 6 days ago - 36 Posts - 14913 Views
Maybe you could use anti persperant on your hands before you use a grip product? Veena suggested Carpe lotion. I live in canada so I can't come across that easily but there's lots of anti persperant...more

Pole Dance 😂 SCANDAL VIDEO 😂

Recent Post By Veena 9 days ago - 1 Posts - 59 Views
Thought I'd share here as well. Hope it makes you giggle [] []youtubeEmbed('#5e7e39c9-3078-4359-b1f3-5569ac110005');...more

Can't disassemble pole...MegaBrand

Recent Post By Cantetinza17 9 days ago - 13 Posts - 8162 Views
I have an S Factor pole. I purchased a different brand and I'm trying to take it apart because it came in its own case and I'm thinking about selling it, so I need to get it in the case. My problem is...more

45mm brass versus 40mm chrome

Recent Post By monica kay 11 days ago - 3 Posts - 66 Views
I have sweaty hands and powder coating did not work for me. I was very very unhappy and frustrated with PC. I love brass and it works great for me but drops are ultra painful - if u are a fan of any...more

Powder Coating Your Pole

Recent Post By katie8770 12 days ago - 11 Posts - 137 Views
Thanks for your replies! So I'm wondering if it could be a combination. I tried practising again yesterday. For the first couple of minutes my grip is great (using a bit of dry hands as well) but then...more

Fear of Letting Body Fall Into Spinning

Recent Post By KellieM Paid Member 12 days ago - 18 Posts - 1837 Views
I am unable to trust myself enough to get momteum for spins like Ninja spin on static .. any tips I'd greatly appreciate! I can't do front spins like chair and firefly but momteum I am lost on with my...more

Thank you, Veena

Recent Post By Veena 13 days ago - 2 Posts - 46 Views
Thank you Mystical. I'm glad you've been able to get something out of the lessons, that makes me feel good! This was not the March I planned for SV, but I'm happy to help during this unsettling time...more

Slippery Pole - I've tried a million things!

Recent Post By katie8770 14 days ago - 28 Posts - 486 Views
I'm actually about to make a new thread about it - I still can't use my chrome pole. It's dangerous because I feel myself sliding down but I was having much better luck on the brass poles at class...more


Recent Post By eatvegancookies Paid Member 15 days ago - 4 Posts - 162 Views
Can't wait to try out the 4th generation lessons! Thanks, Veena!...more

How Much Should I commit?

Recent Post By JessMcG Paid Member 15 days ago - 3 Posts - 90 Views
I first started my pole dancing journey this past September, and since then I've been doing strength training anywhere from 4-6 days per week. I did start with the 30 day take off and loved it! I'm a...more

Xpert xlock- toddlerproof?

Recent Post By amelia2000 Previous Paid Member 19 days ago - 9 Posts - 94 Views
Thanks, that sounds good! A mat would be good but I like my heels too much :P...more

Post partum returning to pole not what i expected

Recent Post By amelia2000 Previous Paid Member 19 days ago - 5 Posts - 170 Views
I feel you, being hospitalised for 2 months must have been hell. I had to stop pole/lyra at 30 weeks of pregnancy with baby #2 as I strained my abs- I was so annoyed with myself not being able to do...more
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid Member
Veena I have been doing this challenge and my inverts have improved astronomically! thank you. my inverts were very weak and sometimes would not be able to invert at all. this has helped so much.
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