Be Fit

Once you start you can't stop. Pole dance captivates your spirit in a way that no other exercise can.

Be Sexy

Man or woman, sexy is an attitude. Sexy is not about shape, or weight, it is about accepting yourself.

Be Confident

When you push your limits and can embrace yourself for who you are confidence will open new doors.

Recent Discussions

Chopsticks substitute

Recent Post By Zoiiys a day ago - 5 Posts - 39 Views
Thank you for taking your time to give me an answer! I really appreciate it. I guess I’ll stick to my V chopsticks then haha...more

Missing X-Pole Base Insert

Recent Post By Veena a day ago - 2 Posts - 12 Views
Where are you located? Did you try contacting xpole for your region? ...more

Invert conditioning

Recent Post By Emilywellsperritt Previous Paid Member 4 days ago - 8 Posts - 112 Views
Thanks for all this great advice! I admit that I’m guilty of just repeating the invert obsessively, rather than doing specific conditioning exercises. I’ll definitely work on those tucks,...more

Adding training

Recent Post By StrangeFox Paid Member 6 days ago - 7 Posts - 86 Views
I'm always shocked at how "psychological" pole is. When I first started learning to invert I used to psyche myself up for it so much, and then I was up there for, like, 2 seconds before I had to come...more

IG August 2018 Gemini Challenge

Recent Post By StrangeFox Paid Member 7 days ago - 3 Posts - 98 Views
Woohoo! Thank you! I'm going to give this one a shot. I always get busy and have trouble finishing challenges but I really want to participate! I'm going to try and do as much of this as possible on...more

Mounting Issue

Recent Post By nuffstyles20 7 days ago - 8 Posts - 69 Views
I think the thicker wood, would give me a better peace of mind, and that's a good suggestion about doubling up too. Thanks so much....more

Introduction :: could be a long one!

Recent Post By gina g Paid Member 9 days ago - 7 Posts - 80 Views
Thank you @Veena, @Neesy118 and @StrangeFox :) I really appreciate the warm welcome. xx I can see how important this community will be in helping me stay on track and motivated. Hope you are all...more

Watching studio Veena on a smart tv

Recent Post By Webmaster 10 days ago - 5 Posts - 52 Views
That particular combination is difficult. iPhone will only mirror to Apple TV. If you had an android device you would be able to mirror to the Roku. If you had an Apple TV you would be able to...more

New to Pole Dancing, wondering if there are any Christian Pole Dancers?

Recent Post By Laurencampbell8173512 12 days ago - 23 Posts - 1185 Views
I agree! Everyone thinks pole is very sexualised, however, I love pole for the fitness and strength that is gained. I also agree with Cuwoody in that your relationship with God is very personal. Just...more

Pole wont spin properly.. need help!

Recent Post By Veena 14 days ago - 2 Posts - 46 Views
I would contact the company you bought it from, I don't recognize this brand of pole. ...more

Moves that tone your butt

Recent Post By sophiajacob9906218 14 days ago - 23 Posts - 2850 Views
Lots of Lunges & Squats Use tools Booty bands and Kettle bells...more

Same moves, different names

Recent Post By Veena 17 days ago - 4 Posts - 68 Views
You've come to the right place if you're looking for order!! Learning randomly from Youtube and Pinterest can end up being overwhelming and lead to injury because one person might label a move is...more

Front splits

Recent Post By BlueNirvanaX125815 17 days ago - 5 Posts - 78 Views
Thank you so much!...more

1-2 Points of contact

Recent Post By Papillon 20 days ago - 5 Posts - 111 Views
Yeah, I don’t think there can be many! Thank you for your help! :) ...more

Pole Studio in Portugal?

Recent Post By Silverley Paid Member 21 days ago - 2 Posts - 71 Views
Just took a pole class at Studio Up ([] while in Porto. Great place and good instruction. You may want to contact the studio since they have a reduced schedule in August....more

Middle splits help

Recent Post By Clubaudr2985 23 days ago - 9 Posts - 156 Views
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my query, defiantly will take your points on board and keep at it. Xx...more

Who’s on Instagram?

Recent Post By Darinka Paid Member 23 days ago - 13 Posts - 186 Views
I am @daripole and I found myself back in the beginner to intermediate level after pregnancy, share the journey with me! 🏋️...more


Recent Post By PoleWithSoul 24 days ago - 4 Posts - 106 Views
Hi! I’m a beginner too, welcome to the forum!...more

Current workout regimen

Recent Post By PoleWithSoul a month ago - 14 Posts - 172 Views
@runemist34 yeah it is harder to do alone! it would definitely be easier to stay on track if I had a pole studio I was going to but that’s why I am trying to stay on myself to be disciplined heehee...more

Can't get my xpole sport down!

Recent Post By charlotterose5003 a month ago - 1 Posts - 50 Views
Okay so I've recently got the Xpole Sport but, I appear to have tightened it too much at the bottom and it's not budging... Does anyone have any ideas of how to loosen it or just get it down?...more
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I bought Veenas lessons and fell in love with pole dance. She is an amazing teacher.
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