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Once you start you can't stop. Pole dance captivates your spirit in a way that no other exercise can.

Be Sexy

Man or woman, sexy is an attitude. Sexy is not about shape, or weight, it is about accepting yourself.

Be Confident

When you push your limits and can embrace yourself for who you are confidence will open new doors.

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Heels and Carpet

Recent Post By bigkitty12560 Previous Paid Member 13 hours ago - 7 Posts - 81 Views
I'm glad I read this! I will also try the duck tape...more

Pricing Question

Recent Post By janicehi Paid Member a day ago - 5 Posts - 151 Views
I agree that veena's lessons are a bargain! I actually tried another online pole lessons...but the subscription cost more and it's not as good! (In terms of listing lessons in the proper progression,...more

Chopper to Gemini (outside leg hang) tips please

Recent Post By LatinPoler Paid Member a day ago - 4 Posts - 43 Views
Make sure that your hooking knee is above your hands with and strong invert as Veena points out. It this doesn't happen smoothly, you can lift your body a little with the hands still on the pole and...more

Looking for a training partner in Birmingham UK

Recent Post By Anzia Previous Paid Member a day ago - 2 Posts - 31 Views
Hi Amelia, welcome to the neighbourhood! I used to commute to Birmingham, but now work from home. I live in the East Midlands near Burton and Tamworth. It's probably a bit further than ideal for me,...more

Grip Aids

Recent Post By Bellini Paid Member 2 days ago - 9 Posts - 248 Views
If I were you, I wouldn't carry my money to that studio, or then I would just use it and see what happens. My palms sweat always a lot, but on the other hand my body is moisture and grips very well to...more

Launching New Pole Wear Collection

Recent Post By Lula Geddes Paid Member 2 days ago - 1 Posts - 46 Views
Hi all, blatant advertising: my sis-in-law is an awesome fashion designer and I convinced her to do a pole collection. Check out the web site [] and the facebook page...more

Can we talk about twisted grip again?

Recent Post By emmasculator 2 days ago - 28 Posts - 709 Views
For me personally, I feel very unstable in twisted grip (I think it has something to do with my wrists) I can ayesha, shoulder mount, and straight edge just fine in it, but I avoid because (at least...more

Veena's Abs of August!

Recent Post By Neesy118 Paid Member 4 days ago - 157 Posts - 6269 Views
I've skipped here and there 😝 lol. But still somewhat in it...more

Grip mishap!

Recent Post By Veena 4 days ago - 7 Posts - 167 Views
You're too cute! I hope it's better now. I only use that spray in the on really cold poles in really cool climates. I find that the mix of mighty grip and drew point works well for performance and it...more

Great web for massages and rehab

Recent Post By Veena 5 days ago - 2 Posts - 62 Views
Thanks for sharing! Don't forget to check out the foam roller section here too 😊 []...more

Tile floors & tension poles (cracking tile?)

Recent Post By briwi Paid Member 5 days ago - 3 Posts - 106 Views
I sometimes being my pole home to my parents and put it up in the tiled entry way. They have the basic ceramic tiles that are mostly 1 foot square. So far I've put my pole up on the edge of one or...more

Trying to get back into dance after surgery

Recent Post By beginner2 5 days ago - 12 Posts - 303 Views
Hi Dolce, I'm thinking of a bunion surgery and I feel it is scary. How are your feet now? I had an accident many years ago on my foot and it took several years until pains completely went....more

Please read and help if can ={

Recent Post By XxMyztikxX 6 days ago - 1 Posts - 76 Views
[] Our pole momma just had a baby and was just diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. We are trying our best to help with expenses in this hard time. Thank you. ...more

pole dance in Qatar

Recent Post By symonesal 7 days ago - 3 Posts - 1866 Views
You can contact Melissa Manuel on Facebook. I just met her in Ireland at a training camp back in June & she has a studio space in Watar where she teaches....more

Gross Old Men?

Recent Post By GiedreB 7 days ago - 8 Posts - 448 Views
AllysonKendal you made me lol. Just the other day I pulled out pieces of sausage and white bread from a patient's tooth. Now THAT is what I call gross lol. But as you said. You get used to it. It...more


Recent Post By crystal29 8 days ago - 10 Posts - 111 Views
And right now I have a 34 inch. I tried a 36" and my head still touches the top so ...more

Help with the Crucifix, please?

Recent Post By Suzanna Paid Member 9 days ago - 3 Posts - 84 Views
Intigany, it's hard to see, but I think I have my right hand below the chin and the left somewhere around my eyes/forehead or so.. Shall I get both hands that low (chin level)? ...more

Removing the base of my xpole xpert so I can carry it with me

Recent Post By Kash Marketing 9 days ago - 2 Posts - 87 Views
Hello - you should be able top remove the base by watching this video - please let me know if it helps. [] - this version tells you hot to attach the base - to remove, it will simply be this...more

Overcoming the fear of being upside down

Recent Post By hannimator Paid Member 9 days ago - 22 Posts - 273 Views
@dustbunny that is exactly what I was trying to get across but I didn't word it quite as well XD we got taught to fall safely in karate before we were allowed to throw or be thrown, and in climbing...more

I'm new here, any advice for someone with visual impairments?

Recent Post By Lillium 10 days ago - 8 Posts - 135 Views
Thank you so much everyone for the replies they were very insightful and I'm glad I asked :). I will definitely have to record myself. Wow! Would have never of thought of that :). And I guess like...more
I don't have time to attend a studio regularly, but with, it's like having my own personal trainer by my side every time I train. It would be wonderful if all studios taught such a thorough foundation for pole!
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