Be Fit

Once you start you can't stop. Pole dance captivates your spirit in a way that no other exercise can.

Be Sexy

Man or woman, sexy is an attitude. Sexy is not about shape, or weight, it is about accepting yourself.

Be Confident

When you push your limits and can embrace yourself for who you are confidence will open new doors.

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Week 4 πŸ“ Save Our Shoulders VIP

Recent Post By cmerritt4467 Paid Member 17 hours ago - 11 Posts - 577 Views
Fab! Looking forward to new ones as they come. Safe move!!...more

I had the iPhone app subscription and it’s no longer working.

Recent Post By Veena 2 days ago - 8 Posts - 93 Views
I'm not seeing an email from you to my personal email. It's best to use the contact link to ask questions as the other is my personal email, so maybe it went to spam? The price is not the same. You...more

Xpert Pro New 2018 Model

Recent Post By hookedonpole Previous Paid Member 2 days ago - 4 Posts - 23 Views
Yup, mine, too. ...more


Recent Post By polertamikia8851 Paid Member 2 days ago - 3 Posts - 12 Views
Thank you, looking forward to see what I can learn!...more

Weight of Pleaser heels

Recent Post By Veena 3 days ago - 2 Posts - 23 Views
Any clear heels I've ever tried are heaver than colored. The lightest heels I've had are Pleaser - ADORE chrome....more

Pole Buddy

Recent Post By Fever Paid Member 6 days ago - 3 Posts - 94 Views
Hi, there! I used to be advanced and teach pole, but now I mainly do aerial silks and so am not nearly as on top of pole as I used to be. I'm trying to get back into it more lately, so I wouldn't mind...more

Selling a 45mm Chrome X-STAGE Lite (NETHERLANDS)

Recent Post By opielee 9 days ago - 8 Posts - 166 Views
Sure,my email is ...more

Wow, thank you Veena

Recent Post By hookedonpole Previous Paid Member May 17, 2020 - 6 Posts - 126 Views
Congratulations and welcome to StudioVeena and your pole journey!...more

In Home Pole Studio Insurance

Recent Post By araskiss Paid Member 13 days ago - 3 Posts - 138 Views
As a small business owner I can tell you YES you need insurance! Both for liability, someone hurts themselves on your property, and for your supplies, poles, floor, pads, etc. Different companies...more

Week 6 πŸ“ CORE 🍎 VIP

Recent Post By Veena 13 days ago - 3 Posts - 305 Views
Great, hope you find it helpful!...more

Recent Post By Colleen Paid Member 15 days ago - 5 Posts - 75 Views
Also, pole sit REALLY HURT when I was learning it. Today, it doesn’t hurt at all! Keep practicing! You’ll get used to it! ❀️❀️...more

Starting out with 30 days to flexy...

Recent Post By Veena 19 days ago - 4 Posts - 73 Views
You can do both at the same time but you'll need to make sure to follow the rest days. If you're short in time just start with the 30 day take off. πŸ˜€...more

Strength building for arms!

Recent Post By Veena 19 days ago - 2 Posts - 77 Views
Hi!! The 30 day take off program is a great place to start! Otherwise try using any of the strength building routines found in the routine section. 😁 ...more

X pole on area rug?

Recent Post By PoleWithSoul 20 days ago - 8 Posts - 151 Views
But Sam I had ZERO safety issues with it and I know other women who safely have rugs under their poles so it depends on the texture/make...more

Workout accountability Thread

Recent Post By Veena 22 days ago - 111 Posts - 1162 Views
I danced today 😁😁😁...more

X Pole xpert nx?

Recent Post By Sam the girl Previous Paid Member 24 days ago - 5 Posts - 105 Views
Thanks everyone! I decided to go ahead and buy it as I’m super eager to get started and x poles are sold out everywhere pretty much! ...more

My pole it stuck. Help!

Recent Post By Veena 24 days ago - 2 Posts - 86 Views
Try using something called the shock method. It was used often with the first generation xpole, they had the bolt at the top. Place the wrench on the nut and with a hammer quickly and with power...more

Affiliate Program

Recent Post By Veena 24 days ago - 6 Posts - 467 Views
Hi, we no longer offer an affiliate program. 😊...more

Pole in a false roof??

Recent Post By Veena 25 days ago - 19 Posts - 2494 Views
Effiekaidas9910 You need to have a beam/joist under any pole you install. ...more

Body wave kick maybe?

Recent Post By noletoj9038628 Previous Paid Member 25 days ago - 5 Posts - 77 Views
Thank you so much Veena! It's great! ...more
Your website is fantastic and positive. Love your instructions and demonstrations. The pacing and written information on the side are so helpful in learning.
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