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StudioVeena.Com promotes the art, sport and fun of Pole Dancing through a supportive online community and streaming video lessons for everyone from the beginner on up. Founded in 2008 as a small community of online friends who shared a love of pole, StudioVeena.Com has grown to become the largest pole dance website in the world, boasting thousands of members who logon daily to share their passion with others in the community.

As a StudioVeena.Com member you will find that you are part of a positive affirming community. We strive to insure that your time and experience here builds you up as a person and benefits the community as a whole.


As an ACE certified personal trainer Veena is uniquely positioned to teach and share her love of pole dance. Veena's method includes a unique teaching style developed through her years of teaching experience. She communicates proper body positioning and pace in an easy to understand and approachable way that you don't find anywhere else. Her unique progression through tricks and exercise options prepare you for each successive lesson, and when properly executed, improve your pole repertoire much easier than other options.

As a business owner and mother of four Veena understands your busy lifestyle. She has worked hard to create an experience that can be enjoyed at your leisure, whenever you want. With a world-wide audience she knows that her supportive community will be there at any time.

Pole Dancing

Pole dance is an ever-evolving sport. While in Western culture we associate it with strip clubs and red-light districts it is so much more. Historically it has roots in China, India and other cultures as a main-stream art. Recently it has entered gym and studio curriculums around the world.

When you become a pole dancer at StudioVeena.Com you learn strength, empowerment and sensuality. StudioVeena.Com Pole Dance embraces our humanity and allows you to become a better, stronger, more sensual you.

Not sure I can live without your lessons in my life Veena.
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