Veena Chooses X-Pole

X-Pole is the standard for removeable and home poles. This high quality pole goes up in minutes, meaning you spend more time on the pole. There are no screws and no permanent attachments. An X-Pole will install in minutes in most wood-framed homes. Save 50% on shipping for all poles

Sport 45mm

X-Pole's sport pole is built to the same specifications of the more expensive X-Pert. This static pole is perfect for both the beginner and pro, is the easieast to use and is the most economical pole you can buys.
  • Setup in five minutes
  • No ladder required
  • Supports ceilings to 9 feet
  • Includes carry bag

199.00($20 Shipping)

X-Pert 45mm

The X-Pole X-Pert pole builds on the foundation of the Sport by adding a smoothe spin option. With the X-Pert one quick adjustment can take your pole from static dancing to spinning and back.
  • Spin or static
  • Easy setup
  • Portable
  • Includes carry bag

299.00($20 Shipping)

Finding Veena and Webby has changed my life! THIS SITE has changed my life! You can't find this style of quality instruction anywhere else on the web. I'll always be forever grateful to have found SV!!! Xoxoxo
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