What does that star mean?

A gold star is a user who currently has a paid subscription to the site. These users can see all the lessons. They should be considered a reliable resource regarding information that is in the lessons.

The grey star indicates a user that has had a paid membership within the last year but is not currently active. These users should still have a relatively good idea regarding the lessons in the site. They may not be aware of newer information or changes that Veena has made.

Why is this important?

Veena will quickly know how to phrase an answer to someone's query based on whether they have a star or not.

You can be sure members with a star have our lessons, or have recently had our lessons, which means they share a lexicon and can speak about them with more authority than those without a star.

While StudioVeena.Com is free to use for everything but the lessons it isn't free to operate. People with a star are not only getting the best pole instruction around they are helping insure that StudioVeena.Com is around for a long, long time. We are happy to give them a little recognition for their contribution to the site.

This is exactly the site I needed to get use of the static pole I received last month! Veena, you have laid everything out so well. This is great for me since the closest pole studio to me is an hour away.
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