Shoulder Mount (with variations)

Veena 3 days ago
Learning a Shoulder mount is a BIG step, so give yourself time to achieve this move. In this lesson you'll learn several grip options and several variations like the Shoulder mount, Shoulder V/straddle, Shoulder dismount, and Shoulder mount split.

Remi Sit

Veena 3 days ago
The Remi sit doesn't have to be painful!!! For real! Let me show you the technique that will get you sitting pretty without a fake smile. I'll demonstrate static and spinning pole. We will be using the Inside Knee Pit Grip.


Veena 3 days ago
I'll share a few variations along with several different exit combos including a beautiful side sit. You'll learn static and spinning pole techniques.

Inverted Lotus

Veena 3 days ago
Once you have a good understanding of the Hip hold this move makes for a fun variation. You will need open hips to achieve a flat lotus so keep on stretching!

Flag Hold (Prep)

Veena 3 days ago
There are to main ways to approach this hold. Facing the pole and to the side of the pole. This lesson will focus mainly on the side of the pole option as it's usually easier for most dancer. I'll cover static and spinning pole.

Elbow Stand mini dance routine

Veena 7 days ago
This no invert routine is a great way to practice your Elbow Stand Sit Ups! Let me know how it goes for you!

Brass Monkey

Veena 15 days ago
In this lesson I'll share 6 different options for entering Brass Monkey! Watch all six before working on this pose, because the right one for you may not be the first option! You'll also learn the tricks to Brass Monkey on spinning pole. This lesson

Aerial Invert

Veena 15 days ago
I'll cover both static and spinning pole. Make sure you have a solid V invert/Chopper before working on this lesson. You will learn several leg positions and we'll look at two options for upper body placement on spinning pole.

Barrel Rolls

Veena 16 days ago
These are listed as Intermediate only because you should have a solid side pole hold before working on Barrel rolls. I'm showing this on a static pole, keep in mind if your pole is on spin it will move with you a bit! Don't rush into the drop down

Adv Figurehead

Veena 16 days ago
This is a great way to transition to Shoulder mount! I'll be sharing a few ways to grip with the hands and different options for entering this pose.

Adv Hip hold combo

Veena Aug 27, 2020
Once you have solid hip holds give this combo a try. remember you can hold on to the pole with the free hand if you feel more comfortable.

Forearm Stand

Veena Aug 17, 2020
With all "stands" practice is key!!! Make sure you've been working on your Elbow Stands and the Stands Routine to help prepare you for this move. Remember it's ok to use a wall instead of your pole. If you're having trouble keeping the arms from

Elbow Stand

Veena Aug 17, 2020
The key to any "stand" is consistent practice! I'll show you how to deadlift and share other leg options. Body alignment important so film yourself and watch it back. Don't be afraid to use a wall and remember if you are strong enough! You got this!

Spin Dismount

Veena Aug 17, 2020
I'll demonstrate both static and spinning pole. This is a fun way to exit from Inverted Crucifix or Reverse Handstand.

Juliette SPIN

Veena Aug 17, 2020
I'll demonstrate both static and spinning pole for this spin. You'll need shoulder mobility for this one so make sure you've been working on your shoulder conditioning and stretching before giving this a try.

Twisted Dismount

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This exit is a fun way to come down to the floor. I'll show you on both static and spinning pole.

Pole Handstand

Veena Aug 9, 2020
I love a good pole handstand! Please be sure you've already worked on the related lessons shown at the bottom of the player before moving on to this handstand. The scissor leg option works great when using a pole (not so much with a wall) and will

Bum Slide

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This is a fun way to exit to standing or even drop into a split. Remember that everyone's hand placement will be slightly different depending on flexibility, strength and height.

V Invert (Chopper)

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This is NOT the first invert you should work on, try the Invert lesson first! I'll show you a few options for entering this move. The Deadlift is the most advanced and working on this will help you when it's time to learn aerial inverts.

Twisted Ballerina

Veena Aug 6, 2020
Here the front of the armpit is against the pole and same hand is gripping same foot. The chest and hips are open away so the back is against the pole with opposite leg and arm being the POC's instead of the same side as in Ballerina. I'll show you a
Tali Kat
These exercises are awesome! I was having trouble with pole holds, so I'm really enjoying doing stuff like this so build up more strength :D
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