Veena's Tips for Pole Holds (FREE)

Veena a month ago
This video is NOT a full tutorial for the Pole Hold and should not be used as a replacement for it. Click here to watch the full Pole Hold tutorial, full of all kinds of

How to walk in heels

Veena Jan 3, 2023
Some quick tips for heels.

10 Holiday Themed Pole Tricks

Veena Dec 13, 2022
Wishing everyone a happy holiday season. From my family to yours! I'm dealing with sciatica so no pole for me lately. Enjoy 🍬☃️🕎🎄🌙 Music: christmas time is here Musician: home for Christmas

Stage pole or Removable pole (FREE)

Veena Nov 22, 2022
This stage is a first generation X stage lite! Here's a link for the X stage lite Here is a link for the Lupit Stage. The spin on this stage was really good!

Know your limitations (check your Invert)

Veena Oct 17, 2022
I can't stress enough how important it is to only train once you're ready! Working on Inverts before your body is ready or without understanding the skills needed, greatly increases your risk of injury! Learning to Invert doesn't mean you need to be

Invert (Ultimate Guide)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Inverts are a big milestone and very exciting but before working on inverts you MUST understand and have a solid Side Pole Hold. Once you can consistently invert with a leg sweep, then move on to the V invert lesson. Where I will teach you spinning

Chopper (Ultimate Guide)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
This is NOT the first invert you should work on, try the Invert lesson first! I'll show you a few options for entering this move. The Deadlift is the most advanced and working on this will help you when it's time to learn aerial inverts. Remember,

Aerial Invert (Ultimate Guide)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
I'll cover both static and spinning pole. Make sure you have a solid V invert/Chopper before working on this lesson. You will learn several leg positions and we'll look at two options for upper body placement on spinning pole. CLICK HERE

Ways to Invert (LOWER BODY)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Learn several options for leg positions! Don't forget not every trick, grip or leg position is right for all bodies! Choose what works for YOU! Here's the INVERT tutorial

Ways to Invert (UPPER BODY)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Body proportions matter when choosing your Invert Grip! I DON'T suggest using controlled momentum with the low grip. INVERT TUTORIAL Here's the CHOPPER TUTORIAL with

Exercises and Stretches for Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Here are the links to the exercises: HIGH BICEPS CURLS THE AB SWITCH LYING V STRADDLE

There is more to Pole Dance than Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Inverts aren't everything. Here are direct links to the moves listed: BODY WAVES HIP CIRCLES

Methods for Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Learn 4 different common methods of Inverts. To learn the CONTROLLED MOMENTUM click here To learn the DEADLIFT aka CHOPPER click here

The Invert from Head to Toe

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Here are some tips for each body part. If you struggle with any of these check out my 30 day Invert program!

Invert DON'Ts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Here are your DON'Ts and how to fix them! DON'T Use controlled momentum without guidance! DON'T Flop out of your Invert! DON'T Hold your breath DON'T Look down! DON'T Reach the outside hip away from the pole! DO check out my full

The Ultimate Guide to Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Understand that these videos are tips and skills you can use to improve your invert. They're are not a replacement for my in-depth full length tutorials. If you're looking to learn the Invert, Chopper and Aerial invert please watch my tutorials here.

How to Clean a Brass Pole (FREE)

Veena Oct 11, 2022
Remember, some people like dancing with a pole that is dirty! I don't clean my pole too often because my skin likes a dirty pole.

My Secret Tip for Teaching (FREE)

Veena Sep 23, 2022
This was an unplanned video but it's such a helpful tip! I realized I've not shared this with anyone before so here ya go! If you'd like to learn more about how I teach download my FREE Veena Method Teacher Training Course.

Veena's Tips for Invert to Gemini (FREE)

Veena Sep 9, 2022
We often focus on the next big move and forget about using our pole fundamentals in a way that is interesting. Moving without intention or thought from point A to point B can make a dance look choppy and it lacks flow. Here are links to tutorials

Spinning Pole Program Welcome (FREE)

Veena Aug 24, 2022
This program was designed for all levels, however. Make sure you've completed my 30 Day take off program or Beginner level 1 program
Naomi Levellie
I absolutely love the way you teach!!!! Thank you ❤️ I am growing better every single time I am learning with you! And I just love this move! Talent.
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