Veena's Tips for Chopper (FREE)

Veena 6 days ago
Alright instructors (and students) It's time we talk about the old Tuck and lift the hips AKA the Chopper. When is this move appropriate? How should we teach those who are new to Inverting? I've got some answers for ya.

Advanced Gemini or Brass Monkey to Bow and Arrow

Veena 16 days ago
I strongly suggest working on Bow and Arrow from Cross Knee or Cross Ankle if this is your first time. If you don't feel secure with those, check out my lesson for both of those. You also MUST have a very secure Brass monkey or Gemini/outside leg

12 moves from Side Climb

Veena Dec 10, 2021
For detailed instruction on the different styles of Side Climbs check out my tutorials! SIDE CLIMB PEFROMANCE SIDE CLIMB

How to Avoid or add Spin to your Invert (FREE)

Veena Nov 10, 2021
This video was done live for Facebook when the lockdowns first started so I said "f*ck it" and wore my pajamas. I hope this help you add or avoid spinning while Inverting. Here's a link to my 30 day Invert Program

Veena's Tips for Shoulder mounts (FREE)

Veena Nov 2, 2021
In this video I'll give you tips and suggestions to help you improve your shoulder mounts. I'll also demonstrate options for hand placement and leg positions too. Even if you've never tried a shoulder mount, this video will provide options to work on

Top 10 Must Know Pole Moves (FREE)

Veena Oct 27, 2021
These 10 moves will allow you to learn hundreds of moves that all came from these fundamental moves. Remember Fundamental doesn't mean beginner. It means foundation, a base that allows you to build your skills! If you'd like to learn how to build a

How to create temporary studio flooring (FREE)

Veena Oct 27, 2021
I have lived in rentals for almost all of the past 13 yrs of my pole career so I've filled many ceiling holes where I've put a pole mount! 😃 Recently my last 2 spaces (both shown in the video) had carpeting and I wanted hard flooring but we were

Veena's tips for common Split Grips (FREE VERSION)

Veena Oct 25, 2021
In this video we'll discuss 4 different split grip options. You'll see several points of view to help you understand what placement is best for your joints. The first step to successful split grip practice is appropriate strength work before hand,


Veena Aug 30, 2021
Tried of bend legs, sloppy inverts, and feeling weak? This is wonderful way to challenge yourself and strengthen your core. Feel free to add this challenge into your existing workout. Rest days are included and each day will only take a few minutes

Advanced Dreamy Bow and arrow routine

Veena Aug 22, 2021
This flowing spin pole routine is a great way to work with the Bow and Arrow move!

Sit up Spin down Combo

Veena Aug 22, 2021
You'll need a solid Pole handstand and cross ankle release for this STATIC pole combo.

Intermediate Rocket Ship spinning pole routine

Veena Aug 22, 2021
I've labeled this as Intermediate level but a strong beginner can work on this as well. The song is Rocket ship by Carmen Justice.

Advanced Leg hangs Routine

Veena Aug 22, 2021
This is a dreamy spinning pole routine with a focus on leg hangs! I'll give you some helpful tips for switching with control. Don't forget to tag me on your social media if you give this a try!

Inter/Adv You and Me Static Routine

Veena Aug 17, 2021
A strong Intermediate level dancer could work on this routine, but because there's a split grip to ballerina and shoulder mount I'm calling it advanced level. Feel free to give this a try and swap out any moves that don't work for you! I like to keep

Beginner You and Me Static Routine

Veena Aug 16, 2021
I really love this song, I hope you enjoy dancing to it as much as I did. The song is U & Me (Stripped Back) KEV found on Soundstripe

Getting Started Caterpillar Program (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
Hi and welcome to my Caterpillar, Nailed It, program. In this video I'll cover what you'll need to know before getting started. I'll also provide you with important tips for using the program. This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own

Getting Started Shoulder Mount Program (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
Welcome to my Shoulder Mount Nailed It Program. In this video I'll cover what you'll need to know before getting started. I'll also provide you with important tips for using the program. This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own or it

Veena's Tips For Crucifix (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
This FREE Veena's tips is packed full of helpful tip and exercises to improve this very important pose. Remember for full instruction on the moves mentioned purchase the lessons so

Inter Pro 3 Day 18

Veena Aug 9, 2021
Day 18 We've made it to the last day of the Intermediate level! If you haven't yet, go take a look around the advanced section. You might be surprised at how many tricks you'll able to do! Now that you've completed this program it's a good time to

Inter Pro 3 Day 17

Veena Aug 9, 2021
Day 17 REST! As a pole dancer you don't have to love or do EVERYTHING. What do you feel most drawn too when it comes to pole dance?
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So happy I found about this site... it encouraged me to try poling in the first place. Now I am so glad I did. I love being part of this community of inspiring, strong, beautiful women. Thank you Veena for the positive energy!
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