Week 6 - Core Strength (NO POLE NEEDED)

Veena 15 hours ago
Week 6 VIP plan is hard core 😉 (NO POLE NEEDED) I've chosen 3 individual exercises, 2 routines and the Back Mobility routine, because beautiful back bends aren't simply about stretching farther. You need to build core strength to properly hold

Week 8 - Hip holds (Thigh holds)

Veena 15 hours ago
This weeks VIP plan is all about hip holds. You might also know them as thigh holds. I'm sharing 2 different hip hold lessons with multiple variations included. The exercises and stretches I've included will also help you with Jade once you're

Week 7 - Ballerina

Veena 15 hours ago
This weeks VIP plan is all about the Ballerina pose I'm sharing 3 new lessons. The Ballerina, Twisted Ballerina and the Roxie spin. Even though you'll find these lessons in the intermediate section I have options for beginners this week

Week 5 - Attitude

Veena 15 hours ago
Week 5 VIP plan is all about Attitude 😎 You might also know this as a Pinwheel. I've recently uploaded 5 new lessons that use the attitude pose! I'll share methods for both static and spinning pole and you'll learn a few grip options as

Week 4 - Save your Shoulders

Veena 8 days ago
I suggest performing the Shoulder Conditioning Routine weekly. Also finish every pole session with stretches for the shoulders, wrists and hands. Perform 1 -3 sets of 10 -20 reps of all EXERCISES listed 1 to 3 times a week. 3 times a week if you're

Week 3 - Gemini (outside leg hang)

Veena 9 days ago
ALL LEVELS welcome as I'll have options for everyone in the Gemini lesson. Regardless of your level you can get started on your journey to Gemini by working on the stretches and strength moves anytime! Regardless of level give these exercises and

Week 2 - Feet

Veena 12 days ago
This weeks Veena's Inspiring Pole plan will focus on feet! NO POLE is needed for these exercises, give them a try 3 times a week. Toe points (how to point the foot) 2 Sets 30 to 60 seconds each foot. Soleus Raises 3 sets. 10 to 20

Week 1 - Body waves

Veena 12 days ago
This weeks VIP plan is all about improving Body Waves. If you feel stiff and want to become more fluid this plan is for you! IF WATCHING FULL SCREEN MAKE EXIT OUT TO SEE THE RELATED LESSONS! Flowmotion Pelvic tilt 1 - minute Flowmotion reverse

Caterpillar Climb

Veena 16 days ago
Once you understand the Caterpillar you can learn how to move around the pole with it. I'll show you how to practice the climb on a short pole and you'll learn how to "spin' or rotate around the pole in Caterpillar on static pole. I'll share spinning

Ball Core workout

Veena 20 days ago
You'll need a ball and a wall along with a chair, pole or wall to hold on to. This is a 22 minute core focused routine suitable for all levels. If you're struggling with Inverts, Shoulder mounts, or deadlifts and would like to improve your leg lines,

Beginner Floor Routine

Veena Dec 23, 2020
Be sure to watch the individual lessons listed below for in-depth instruction for each move we'll be using. If you took a video using this routine I'd love to see it!

Smooth Hip Thrusts

Veena Dec 17, 2020
When you wanna channel that super sexy vibe, this is a must know move! It's also a great way to strengthen the glutes and abdominals!

Rolling Tick Tock Legs

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Make sure you've already watched the Tick Tock Leg lesson before moving on to this one. These are great to use during a performance, people love them!

Hip Bump Rolls

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Hip bump rolls are a fun way to strengthen the obliques and stretch the inner thighs. They're perfect for covering a lot of distance if needed for choreography

Floor Body Waves

Veena Dec 17, 2020
I'll teach you 3 different variations of these waves! This is an excellent way to become more in touch with your spinal movement and abdominal control.

Tick Tock Legs

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Once you understand the mechanics there are all kinds of variations you can try! Let me know how it goes, I'd love to see! Be sure to check out the Rolling Tick Tock Legs once you get these down.

Flip Split

Veena Dec 17, 2020
No worries if you can't do a full split, fake it, till you make it! Use whichever arm placement works best for you. With my longer limbs placing the arm in front helps control the drop, but you may prefer arm behind the leg instead.

Inverted Floor Split (Hip Lift Split)

Veena Dec 16, 2020
Can't do the splits? No worries, I've got different options for those who don't have the flexibility to do the splits yet, I'll also share how to position yourself to get a great looking split even if it's not actually flat! Make sure you have a

Side Leg Show

Veena Dec 16, 2020
Let's learn this sexy floor move and I'll show you how to make it smooooooth!

Hip bumps

Veena Dec 16, 2020
I'll show you several variations of these along with two options for arm placement. Which one works best for you? Work on the related lessons below to help reach your booty to the sky!
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