All levels chair dance routine

Veena 2 days ago
A chair dance routine from 2019 Instagram challenge. Suitable for all levels.

Beginner Spinning Pole Drills

Veena 4 days ago
These drills will help you build strength and technique needed for more advanced spinning pole tricks. DON'T let your body drop, try and keep the arms bent and use the legs to hold too if needed. This position will strengthen your biceps and lats

Inter/Adv spinning pole combo

Veena 5 days ago
💜 Beginners 💜 start at min 14.38! This lesson will breakdown an interesting way to invert followed by a combo on spinning pole. Please see related lessons for more detailed instructions on single moves. Beginners practice these holds shown

Dragons tail LIVE lesson

Veena 12 days ago
I'll show you 3 different entries for the move. Please remember the mobility test is not as intense as the move it's self. If you feel it's too much strain, when in doubt, wait it out! 💜 Work on mobility and conditioning then revisit.

Thigh Rest LIVE lesson

Veena 19 days ago
Remember, you can make this video full screen on mobile devices if you tap the 4 arrows in the corner!

Improve Your Poling With Visualization

Veena 25 days ago
Use this audio guide to help improve your pole skills. Do this at least once a day for 3 week to see an improvement in your skills. Happy poling!

Side climb LIVE lesson

Veena Dec 20, 2019
A look at the different arm and leg placements and climb styles.

Tips for CAR and CKR

Veena Dec 4, 2019
Please remember you may need to warm up more or use grip aid before working on these moves. If your skin isn't tacky, it will be soooooo much harder to work on these. Limit yourself to no more than 10 tries to avoid unnecessary skin burn and

12 min Holiday workout

Veena Nov 27, 2019
12 min Holiday workout! I wanted to give everyone a quick option to help keep you feeling good during this busy season! It's a full body workout with no pole or equipment needed. Forgive my sloppy push ups, I was sore from a previous workout 🤣

Exotic combo

Veena Nov 20, 2019
This is a nice combo to began training Exotic style pole. Keep the movements connected and big!

Invert to Gemini making it FLOW

Veena Nov 13, 2019
Invert to Gemini/outside leg hang. We often focus on the next big move and forget about using our pole fundamentals in a way that is interesting. Moving without intention or thought from point A to point B can make a dance look choppy and lacks flow.

Back Bend Slide to Side Sit Up

Veena Nov 2, 2019
This combo was done on spinning pole, but would look cool on static as well. It's a fun way to transition to the floor and back up the pole again.

Gemini to Reverse Poisson

Veena Nov 2, 2019
Here's a fun combo using Gemini to transition into Poisson! This is done on static but would look lovely on spinning pole too!

Pirouettes and Prance to Side Sit

Veena Nov 2, 2019
This is done on spinning pole which adds to the illusion of floating during the Pirouettes. It can also be done on static pole.

Shoulder Mount to True Grip Butterfly

Veena Nov 2, 2019
This combo is a great way to get familiar with True Grip while inverted. You really need that PUSH PULL with the arms to feel confident in true grips.

Airwalk to Standing Star

Veena Nov 2, 2019
There are many grips you can use for an Airwalk so choose one that works best for you. From the floor is a great way to practice the star!

Pole Hold to Twisted Pole Sit

Veena Nov 2, 2019
This combo is a great strength builder for beginners and intermediate dancers. This combo also makes for a great prep to the Ballerina and Capezio!

Flexy Gemini to Twisted Dismount

Veena Nov 2, 2019
You need a REALLY strong Gemini and being able to do Scorpio on the hanging leg is very helpful too! PLEASE do NOT do this move if you have limited shoulder mobility, this is an advanced move that may not be right for everyone.

Twisted Tammy to Bum Slide

Veena Nov 2, 2019
Here's a fun combo done on spinning pole but it would neat on static as well. We are using an Inverted Thigh Hold AKA Tammy or Dolphin to transition into a Reverse Handstand.

Bow and Arrow to Fang

Veena Nov 2, 2019
This is a good combo to work on grip control and balance. Remember you can always modify by bending the bottom leg in Bow and Arrow and feel free to use the foot on the ground if you can reach. You can also do a smaller back bend. To get the most out
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I use Veena's lessons and also take studio classes. I would not be able to do what I can do without veena. Not at all. I probably would have quit. her explanation and knowledge of how the body works is amazing. she is very encouraging to beginners.
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