Two hand plank

Veena 7 days ago
I can't stress how important having a solid Pole Sit before working on planks. Also as with all leg grips, make sure you're pole is warm and your skin is tacky so you will have maximum grip on the pole.

Reverse Side SPIN

Veena 8 days ago
This is a fun one! Be sure you've check out my Side spin lesson and the Step around both listed below the main player.


Veena 8 days ago
I'll teach you a few leg variations and we'll take a look at spinning pole too!

Extended Butterfly

Veena 13 days ago
I'll cover the different hip and chest positions you can use to create different styles of extended butterflies. I go over split grip, twisted grip, forearm and elbow grip versions as well. Please be sure you have the static variation down before

Inverted Thigh Hold

Veena 17 days ago
Beginners feel free to try this one as it's first taught from the floor, no invert needed to practice. I'll share 2 different grips for the leg. Be sure you feel solid in your static version before moving on to spinning pole. Understanding this move

Chair SPIN

Veena a month ago
The Chair spin is a prerequisite for learning the Reverse Grab. I'll show you 2 different hand placements and you'll learn a Reverse Chair spin and a combo!

Butterfly Invert

Veena a month ago
This advanced move is the perfect transition into a Butterfly or Extended butterfly. Conditioning for the shoulders and having a very solid split grip is needed. Pay close attention to the cues for shoulder and upper arm placement. When beginning to

Butterfly (Split) (Twisted) (Elbow) and (Forearm)

Veena a month ago
I've combine multiple old lessons into one, demonstrating 4 different grips and 2 different entries, using a Caterpillar and the Gemini. You'll learn methods for both static and spinning pole and I'll even show you a ONE HAND version! No grip is

Ayesha (Split) (Twisted) (Elbow) and (Forearm grips)

Veena a month ago
I'll demonstrate 4 different grips! Before moving on to any of these Ayesha grips be sure you have watch my Caterpillar lesson. You will find more helpful lessons in the related lesson below the main player. When starting choose whichever grip feels

Carousel SPIN

Veena Jun 12, 2020
This video will show you the Carousel, V carousel and Straight leg version. I'll teach you multiple ways to grip the pole as well. If you're struggling with these be sure to check out the related lessons below the main player. Working on all of these


Veena Jun 11, 2020
This is a tough one! I'll show you two different grips and static and spinning pole versions.


Veena Jun 11, 2020
This spin can be fun and FAST. There's no need to jump into this spin. When using the method of momentum generation I demonstrate in the lesson you'll gain speed and there will be no need for jumping!

Aerial (Split Grips Bodywaves and Walks)

Veena Jun 11, 2020
There's a whole lot to love in this lesson. I'll show you 4 different grips along with tips for spinning pole and how to air-walk and do aerial bodywaves! Be sure you're familiar with all of the related lessons shown above before moving on to this

Side Split Grips

Veena Jun 2, 2020
I'll cover the True grip and Cup grip. These grips are advanced level because of the shoulder strength and mobility needed to properly perform this hold.

Split Grips

Veena Jun 2, 2020
This video will demonstrate 4 different split grips with close up views of proper hand and shoulder placement.

Forward Attitude SPIN

Veena Jun 1, 2020
The Forward facing attitude spin requires strong shoulders and hand grip. I'll give you a few different options for arm placement choose the one that works best for you.

Shooting Star

Veena Jun 1, 2020
You might also know this as Jasmine or Flipped Gemini. Having a solid Shooting start is the first step in preparing for the Marley! There's no need to pull on the top leg, let the back of the thigh (hamstring) do the work.

Plank (Thigh slide) Dismount

Veena May 29, 2020
This exit is a great option for those who don't feel comfortable doing a reverse handstand out from inverted poses.

Standing Fireman SPIN

Veena May 25, 2020
We we do this spin on spinning pole we're using the Crucifix pose!


Veena May 25, 2020
Working on the Figurehead can help prepare the body for aerial inverts! Pay close attention to the P.O.C's it will help tremendously.
i never stop being amazed at what a great TEACHER you are. even my gravity unfriendly self has been able to inch farther and farther with technique because you teach so well. thank you.
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