Veena Aug 30, 2021
Tried of bend legs, sloppy inverts, and feeling weak? This is wonderful way to challenge yourself and strengthen your core. Feel free to add this challenge into your existing workout. Rest days are included and each day will only take a few minutes

Getting Started Caterpillar Program (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
Hi and welcome to my Caterpillar, Nailed It, program. In this video I'll cover what you'll need to know before getting started. I'll also provide you with important tips for using the program. This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own

Getting Started Shoulder Mount Program (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
Welcome to my Shoulder Mount Nailed It Program. In this video I'll cover what you'll need to know before getting started. I'll also provide you with important tips for using the program. This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own or it

Veena's Tips For Crucifix (FREE VERSION)

Veena Aug 12, 2021
This FREE Veena's tips is packed full of helpful tip and exercises to improve this very important pose. Remember for full instruction on the moves mentioned purchase the lessons so

Intermediate Level 3 Welcome

Veena Aug 8, 2021
Hi guy's welcome to my intermediate level 3 program. This is a 18 day program that will focus on more difficult intermediate tricks, static pole spin combos and we'll begin to focus a bit more on flexibility! Once you're past most of these

Core strength VIP plan - NO POLE NEEDED (Free version)

Veena Aug 6, 2021
VIP Core strength plan (NO POLE NEEDED) Members who have purchased the lessons can see the videos listed here https://www.studioveena.com/lessons/view/600f111c-e924-47cf-ac48-31aeac110005 for those who have free accounts you can find the list of

Intermediate Level 2 Welcome

Veena Jul 25, 2021
In this program we'll focus on inverts and more fun intermediate level tricks and combos. If you're still having a hard time inverting after the first day in level 2. Go start the 30 day invert program, then come back to Intermediate level 2 once you

Intermediate Level 1 Welcome

Veena Jul 18, 2021
This 4 week program was designed to introduce you to intermediate level pole work. I want to stress that I don't expect everyone to get every move on the first day or even by the end of the program. This is simply a guideline for you to follow so

20 Strength Building Pole Moves

Veena Jul 13, 2021
20 pole moves that build strength! You can find tutorials for these and more in my lessons section https://www.studioveena.com/lessons

14 Pole Climbs

Veena Jul 7, 2021
Looking for different ways to climb your pole? Give some of these a try. If you need help click here for the list of tutorials https://www.studioveena.com/forums/view/14_different_ways_to_Pole_Climb_20210707111108

Spinning Pole Nausea Tips

Veena Jun 23, 2021
This video will give you some things you can try off the pole, when you find yourself feeling sick after spinning pole.

30 day Take off program (FREE version) Welcome Beginners!

Veena Jun 9, 2021

How to deep clean your pole!

Veena Jun 8, 2021
It was time to deep clean my pole and I thought... why not make a little video for you guys!! I use rubbing alcohol during my pole practice if I need it. I've been using this method for 8 years or so and it's been great on all finishes. Be sure to

One Tap Website Access (no need to login and logout)

Veena Jun 4, 2021
On Apple IOS devices - Go to website - At the top Click the box with arrow - Select Save to HOME. On Android devices - Go to website - At the top Click the 3 Dots - Select add to HOME

Flexibility hacks!

Veena Jun 4, 2021
Here are my secrets for making the most of the flexibility you have. You'll find modifications for several popular pole, chair and floor moves along with tips for making the most of your flexibility. For a complete breakdown of all the moves shown

Tips for Creating a Routine

Veena Jun 4, 2021
I'll share 5 steps and 5 Tips! Let me know how it goes for you! For routines you can try with vocal cues and slow motion click here https://www.studioveena.com/lessons/view_category/routines-pole-lessons

Homemade Grip aid Recipe!

Veena Jun 4, 2021
Today I'm sharing my favorite grip aid recipe and pairing it with another common grip aid, creating a super grip concoction. These two grip aids alone don't work for me, but when I put them together, amazing! This mix is NOT for sweat! Works great on

4 Crazy things that can help your grip

Veena Jun 4, 2021
Learning proper technique and building strength is a MUST and WILL help you with slipping. However, even if you have great technique and strength there are 2 main reasons for slipping, sweat and dry skin. Using grip aids can help with these issues.

How to test if a pole too tight or too loose

Veena Jun 4, 2021
I've gotten this question a lot lately so here's a video to help you sort it out! 💜 Always install your pole according to the instructions it came with. Check all screws and any pieces that are not permanent each time before you pole dance. If

Static Advanced Pole Combo (Free)

Veena Jun 4, 2021
Here's an advanced static pole dance combo to try. If you give this a try let me know, I'd love to hear from you. Find more combos here https://www.studioveena.com/lessons/view_category/quick-lessons Got questions? I'll do my best to help. Music is
Phoenix Hunter Paid Member
Veena I have been doing this challenge and my inverts have improved astronomically! thank you. my inverts were very weak and sometimes would not be able to invert at all. this has helped so much.
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