How to choose a Pole Studio or Online Pole Tutorials (FREE)

Veena 18 days ago
I've been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years and the pole industry for 15 years!. I understand there's a lot of information out there, and it can be challenging to know what to look for in a quality studio or instructor. Though we all

Veena's Tips for Inverts and Spins in Heels (FREE)

Veena Apr 10, 2023
This video will provide tips for Inverts and Static Spins while wearing heels. If you're on the struggle bus now that you strapped on the heels, this video will help you understand why! Here's a link for the full Heels Program

Street heels verses Pole Heels (FREE)

Veena Apr 9, 2023
I know it's visually difficult to SEE how the ball of the foot touches first. Once you try this for yourself, you'll be able to FEEL the what I'm talking about. Here's the full program

What kind of heel to wear for pole dance (FREE)

Veena Apr 9, 2023
Let me know if you have any questions! Also, how many times can I say boot? Ha! Here's the link for the full Heels Program

Day 1 Welcome and more Info (FREE)

Veena Apr 9, 2023
Spread the word, it's finally ready! If you have questions about what kind of heels to buy or use, check out the related lessons below the main video :) The first 2 weeks are total beginner friendly but after this we'll begin to work on Tracing and

Pregnancy and Pole

Veena Feb 28, 2023
This video is a guideline that I used, not advice on how every pregnant pole dancer should practice while expecting. We're all very different, listen to YOUR body and know that your pole will always be waiting after you have your little one! Here's

Strength and Conditioning

Veena Feb 28, 2023
Link for Strength and Conditioning Here are the links for the POKE A MUSCLE GAME Here's a nice app to use

Fundamental Tricks and Common Mistakes

Veena Feb 27, 2023
If you wanted to simply the list of fundamental tricks so they're only beginner level, here's what would be included: POLE WALK, SHOULDER SLIDES, POLE SIT, POLE CLIMB, THIGHT REST, SIDE SIT. If you need ideas for how to safely teach CKR and Marley,

The history of pole dance

Veena Feb 27, 2023
The skills for Mallakhamb are fascinating Here's link for an older Chinese pole video Sadly there isn't any video or photo records of circus tent dancing.

How the Veena Method was Born

Veena Feb 27, 2023
This is the story of how and why I developed this method of teaching.

How to use this course

Veena Feb 27, 2023
This course was created for everyone, even if you don't have a background in fitness! Don't forget to watch video links I share! My tutorials are very in-depth and contain entries, exits, variations and step by step instructions.

Welcome! (FREE)

Veena Feb 27, 2023
Big THANK YOU to my students, I can't thank you all enough for believing in me. While the PDF is nice, I feel the videos are far more helpful and better organized. This program is included with any lesson package purchase! Here's the PDF

Veena's Tips for Pole Holds (FREE)

Veena Jan 6, 2023
This video is NOT a full tutorial for the Pole Hold and should not be used as a replacement for it. Click here to watch the full Pole Hold tutorial, full of all kinds of

10 Holiday Themed Pole Tricks

Veena Dec 13, 2022
Wishing everyone a happy holiday season. From my family to yours! I'm dealing with sciatica so no pole for me lately. Enjoy 🍬☃️🕎🎄🌙 Music: christmas time is here Musician: home for Christmas

Stage pole or Removable pole (FREE)

Veena Nov 22, 2022
This stage is a first generation X stage lite! Here's a link for the X stage lite Here is a link for the Lupit Stage. The spin on this stage was really good!

Know your limitations (check your Invert)

Veena Oct 17, 2022
I can't stress enough how important it is to only train once you're ready! Working on Inverts before your body is ready or without understanding the skills needed, greatly increases your risk of injury! Learning to Invert doesn't mean you need to be

Ways to Invert (LOWER BODY)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Learn several options for leg positions! Don't forget not every trick, grip or leg position is right for all bodies! Choose what works for YOU! Here's the INVERT tutorial

Ways to Invert (UPPER BODY)

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Body proportions matter when choosing your Invert Grip! I DON'T suggest using controlled momentum with the low grip. INVERT TUTORIAL Here's the CHOPPER TUTORIAL with

Exercises and Stretches for Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Here are the links to the exercises: HIGH BICEPS CURLS THE AB SWITCH LYING V STRADDLE

There is more to Pole Dance than Inverts

Veena Oct 16, 2022
Inverts aren't everything. Here are direct links to the moves listed: BODY WAVES HIP CIRCLES
Phoenix Hunter
I use Veena's lessons and also take studio classes. I would not be able to do what I can do without veena. Not at all. I probably would have quit. her explanation and knowledge of how the body works is amazing. she is very encouraging to beginners.
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