Inverted Crucifix

Veena May 9, 2020
The inverted crucifix is the key to understanding the leg position needed for a nice caterpillar. If you're new to this move stay with static pole until you become very comfortable with the hold. The body is close to the pole making the spin very

Pull in Walk

Veena Apr 10, 2020
I looove this walk. It's smooth and will slowly draw you closer to you pole making it a nice transition for moves that require you to start by the pole.

Forearm Push Grip - Pull Grip

Veena Mar 11, 2020
This video will demonstrate the grips we use with our Outside and Inside Forearms. TIP: If you're using a phone TAP the video then click the 4 arrows at the bottom of the video to see this FULL SCREEN!

Beginner Spinning Pole Drills

Veena Jan 24, 2020
These drills will help you build strength and technique needed for more advanced spinning pole tricks. DON'T let your body drop, try and keep the arms bent and use the legs to hold too if needed. This position will strengthen your biceps and lats

Improve Your Poling With Visualization

Veena Jan 4, 2020
Use this audio guide to help improve your pole skills. Do this at least once a day for 3 week to see an improvement in your skills. Happy poling!

Shoulder Mount Technique Options

Veena Apr 13, 2017
This routine does not require you to follow along. Instead watch in full and when you are ready, try out different options like entries, hand placement, leg positions and exits. Dancers who are new to shoulder mounts should work on the first two

Tips for Flow And Movement

Veena Dec 18, 2015
Taken from a Periscope broadcast on flow and movement. I've address 5 aspects to focus on when learning how to incorporate flow and movement into your dance and life.

30 Days To Flexy Intro

Veena Mar 22, 2015
Welcome to my 30 day flexibility program! Please be sure to watch each lesson posted below the main video player and read all descriptions placed under each video. Always follow lesson in the order they are posted to get the most out of your time

Flowmotion Melt Stretch

Veena Aug 21, 2014
This lesson will gently stretch the muscles along the back of the body. A warm up is not needed before performing Flowmotion stretches. Muscles Lengthened: HAMSTRINGS / ERECTOR SPINAE / RHOMBOIDS / NECK

Sexy Pike

Veena Jan 10, 2013
FLOOR WORK: This is a great floor move to help improve hamstring flexibility and abdominal strength.

Getting Started 30 Days

Veena Dec 12, 2012
Welcome! This is an introduction to our 30 Day Take Off Program, please watch and listen.

Hard Core Warm Up

Veena Dec 5, 2012
This is an 8 minute, core strengthening warm up. It can be used on its own at any time to condition the core or as a warm up. Intermediate and advanced dancers should try using it before or after the pole strength routine for a great workout. It's

Twisted Ballerina

Veena May 3, 2012
Think of this as the sister move to the Ballerina. This variation also requires shoulder, hip flexor, and quadriceps flexibility. The front of the shoulder/arm pit will be against the pole and your hips are open. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / HAMSTRINGS /

Getting Started Stretching

Veena May 20, 2011
This video will help you to prepare for successful stretching sessions. ALWAYS STRETCH BOTH SIDES OF THE BODY. Lessons are organized by muscle groups. foam roller lessons have been placed before each muscle group. Perform all lessons at once or pick

Tips for Success

Veena May 16, 2011
This video will share some tips for success when using Veena's lessons.
sassylina Previous Paid Member
I love the lessons on studio Veena. They are clear and easy to follow. I learned a lot. I have used it next to my private classes. Everytime I learned something in class I would go home and review it on studio Veena and see if Veena had some more tips.
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