Getting Started Foam Roller

Veena May 12, 2011
This lesson explains how to use the foam roller and offers tips and suggestions for using the foam roller section. Use the foam roller before stretches or as a nice massage to relax.


Veena May 18, 2011
This one makes me giggle a bit. If your looking to stretch for your middle splits then this is a great one. Made up of 4 muscles: adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor mimimus. Origin: Pelvis. Insertion: along the femur in a fan


Veena May 17, 2011
The abductors are made up of 4 muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, cluteus minimus, tensor fascia lata. Origin: anterior inferior iliac spine. Insertion: femur


Veena May 17, 2011
The ililotibial band (ITB) is a layer of connective tissue that begins at the muscle near the upper outside of the thigh(tensor fascia lata) and runs down to the outer side of the tibia. Professionals do not agree on whether rolling the ITB is


Veena May 19, 2011
The Calves are made up of 2 major muscles: the gastrocnemius and soleus which lies behind the gastrocnemius. Origin: The Back of the Femur (behind the knee). Insertion: achilles tendon.


Veena May 13, 2011
Hamstrings are made up of 3 muscles: the bicep femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus. Roll at least, 10-15 seconds or as long as you like. Origin: TUBEROSITY OF THE ISCHIUM, Insertion: TIBIA / FIBULA

Hip Flexors (Psoas)

Veena May 19, 2011
The psoas are divided into deep and superficial. Origin: thoracic vertebra and Lumbar Vertebrae. Insertion: Femur.


Veena May 14, 2011
Roll at least, 10-15 seconds Per muscle section, or as long as you like. Quadriceps are made up of four muscles: vatus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and rectus femoris. Origin: The first three muscles originate at the top of the


Veena Dec 28, 2011
This feels great! Try this after working on climbs or before dancing to loosen up muscles. If these muscles are tight it can be challenging to point the toes. Roll at least 10-15 seconds or as long as you like. The shins are composed of the Tibialis

Foot Massage

Veena Mar 11, 2010
This do it yourself trick feels great! No need to warm up and you can do this anytime and anywhere.

Upper And Lower Back

Veena Dec 29, 2011
This can be done anytime. Roll at least 10-15 seconds or as long as you like. Made up of 3 Major muscle groups, Longissimus, Latissimus dorsi, Trapezius. There are many area's of muscle origin and insertion do to the different muscle groups. Note:

Under Arm

Veena Jan 2, 2012
The back of the upper arm and Bottom of Scapula are the main focus in this lesson. Be sure to lean back slightly to ensure contact with the muscles along the side of the back. Roll at least 10-15 seconds or as long as you like. The underarm is made


Veena Jan 3, 2012
The triceps are composed of 1 muscle with 3 heads. Roll at least 10-15 seconds or as long as you like. Origin: SCAPULA / POSTERIOR HUMERUS, Insertion: ULNA


Veena Jan 4, 2012
This is an important one to focus on after pole sessions. It can help prevent carpal tunnel. Your forearms are composed of several muscles. Origin: MEDIAL EPICONDYLE OF HUMERUS, Insertion: RADIUS, METACARPALS, CARPAL

Hand Massage

Veena Mar 11, 2010
This is a great way to relieve tension in your hands. You can do this anytime.
Hi, I´ve just seen this website and it seems great, your explanations are fantastic and clearly structured! Thanks :)
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