Squat Twist

Veena Feb 22, 2016
This is a more advanced variation of a squat, so be sure you have a good basic squat. The knees should never move past the toes and the butt moves back. Choose a variation that works best for you. Perform 6-20 Reps 1-3 sets.

Wall Stands

Veena Feb 22, 2016
This exercise is great for those looking to improve your handstands. Those who do not yet have handstands can substitute by working on elbow and forearm stands. During the handstand focus on feeling a strong core engagement along with breathing while

Plank Tuck

Veena Feb 22, 2016
In this lesson I'll share three variations on this exercise. Try each one to see what works best for you. Keep in mind that quality of movement is better than quantity. Proper form will give better results than high reps. Perform at least six reps

Toe Rolls

Veena Feb 22, 2016
I'll show you two variations for this exercise. It's more challenging than it looks. Go slowly and remember to point your toes. Complete one set by rotating the same direction for the desired number of times or complete one set by alternating rolling

Dolphin Push Up

Veena Feb 21, 2016
A wonderful way to strengthen the core and shoulders. These are a great exercise to help with elbow stands, forearm stands and even handstands. As always don't forget to breathe.

Finger Push Up

Veena Feb 21, 2016
This exercise will focus on the hands while using a push-up position. Keep the fingers spread wide and place even pressure throughout the movement. Choose whichever variation allows for controlled and comfortable movement. This should not be painful

Heel Pliť Squat

Veena Feb 21, 2016
These are not only great for building strength in the lower body, but balance will also be challenged and improved when adding the heel lift. Build up slowly to the heel lifts and use a wall, pole or sturdy chair if assistance is needed with balance.


Veena Feb 21, 2016
These are a great challenge if you have a strong push up and squat. Please do not attempt these until you have a strong squat and push up. Quality is more important than quantity, especially when it comes to burpees.

The Hover

Veena Feb 21, 2016
I love this exercise so much. It may look very easy but when done correctly you'll feel it working. If the position is easy, if you're core isn't shaking a bit, then you're not holding the pelvis in the correct position. It's wonderful for

Forearm Stand

Veena Feb 21, 2016
Please check out the related lesson for more help. Tight hamstring and weak shoulders and triceps are common reasons why this position is so challenging to learn.

Torso Rotation

Veena Sep 17, 2015
This is the sister move of the torso twist. Check your form in the mirror or by video to make sure you're not bending at the waist but rather the hips. Go slow and stay within your range of motion.

Lying Leg Circles

Veena Sep 19, 2015
This exercise is great for the core and the legs. Check your body placement and watch that the leg moves in a controlled manner while keeping the pelvis still. Breathe and do your best to maintain a straight leg extending through the back of the

The Clamshell

Veena Sep 17, 2015
I love this one for strengthens the deep muscles of the hip. Don't worry if you can't lift very high, this will come in time.

Hands And Elbow Planks

Veena Sep 16, 2015
This are a great way to challenge your core, shoulders, chest and coordination. Focus on fully extending through the back of the knee by tightening the quads this will help develop a nice long leg line. Don't let the hips push too high up or drop

Superman Scissors

Veena Sep 12, 2015
This is a fun and challenging variation of the superman back exercise. Focus on keeping the legs as straight as possible throughout the exercise. Not only will this strengthen the legs and glutes, when done regularly you'll improve leg lines.

Side Lunge

Veena Sep 13, 2015
I'll show you three variations for this exercise. Once enough strength is built to perform the second variation this can be used as an active stretch as well.

Moon Lunge

Veena Sep 11, 2015
This lesson really challenges your balance. Focus on control. This should not be a fast exercise but slow and steady. Choose whichever variations allows for the best control.

Bird Dog

Veena Sep 9, 2015
This is not only great for the core it's also great for balance. Be sure to keep the pelvis neutral throughout the movement.

Hollow Body

Veena Sep 7, 2015
Hollow body is a position. The exercises you'll see in this lesson will help you find and create muscle memory for hollow body. Choose to work on whichever variation allows for best form. If pain is felt in the low back you may not yet have the

Dancers Calf Raises

Veena Sep 9, 2015
When performed in the center of the floor, without holding on to anything, these can be great for increasing balance. Improved balance means an easier time wearing heels when dancing. If you're not yet ready to balance unsupported feel free to hold

Side Push Up

Veena Feb 21, 2016
I love this exercise so I thought I'd share. Make sure to keep the whole body stacked and do not twist and turn. Keep the core tight and don't forget to breathe! This will target the triceps, chest and help with Internal stabilization of the

Workout Full Body Super Set

Veena Jul 20, 2015
This is a full body workout using a super set. This means doing all three exercises with out rest between or back to back. Rest for 1-2 minutes between each super set. Do 2-12 reps of each exercise and 1-4 super sets. If you cannot yet do pull-ups

Quick Hip And Glutes Routine

Veena Feb 21, 2016
I wanted to share a bit of my morning workout with everyone today. Do this sequence for a total of 3 sets. That would be: 10-20 reps of each move, or just follow this video and play it 3 times. I've included several lessons that this mini work out

Workout Shoulders Biceps Triceps

Veena Mar 16, 2016
I thought I would share a workout with you guys. The video was pulled from a Periscope broadcast. Perform 2 sets of 10-15 reps.
Thank you Veena, very good stretches, nicely explained and built up in the routine to the bridge/splits. Really good!
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