30 Days To Flexy Intro

Veena Mar 22, 2015
Welcome to my 30 day flexibility program! Please be sure to watch each lesson posted below the main video player and read all descriptions placed under each video. Always follow lesson in the order they are posted to get the most out of your time

Day 1

Veena Mar 22, 2015
For each strength move perform 1 set of 8-10 reps, then move on to the foam roller and stretching lessons following the order of the related lessons. Rolling then stretching the corresponding muscles. For each foam roller lesson roll 15 seconds. For

Day 2

Veena Mar 23, 2015
REST. Please keep this as a rest day.

Day 3

Veena Mar 24, 2015
Stretch to maintain. Perform all strength lessons for 1 set 8-12 reps. Follow the order of the related lessons. Foam roll 15 seconds, hold stretch 15 seconds.

Day 4

Veena Mar 24, 2015
Sretch to maintain. Follow the order of the related lessons, moving through each stretch very slowly. BREATHE. Repeat all individual flow lessons in order 2 times, for a total of 2 sets. Finish with foam roller if you like.

Day 5

Veena Mar 25, 2015
Stretch to maintain. Follow the order of the related lessons to the end, this is one set. Perform 3 sets. Rolling for 15 seconds and holding each stretch for 15 seconds.

Day 6

Veena Mar 26, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Enjoy a day of relaxation.

Day 7

Veena Mar 27, 2015
Stretch to maintain. Today we focus on the upper body, both strengthening and stretching. For all strength moves perform 1 set only for 8-12 reps then move on to foam roller and stretching following the lessons in order, for a set of 3.

Day 8

Veena Mar 27, 2015
Flexibility to gain. Today is our first flexibility training session. We will be training to increase flexibility. This means warming up is very important, DO NOT skip this part. Don't forget to BREATHE. If you can't breathe through a stretch you're

Day 9

Veena Mar 28, 2015
Rejuvenation. Today we will foam roll and rest. Use all 14 roller and massage lessons, rolling for 30 seconds or as long as you like.

Day 10

Veena Mar 29, 2015
Stretch to maintain. You may combine this with a workout day. If combining it with a workout do the routine and stretches listed here last.

Day 11

Veena Mar 29, 2015
Rejuvenation and foam roll. Rolling for 30 seconds 3 sets of each roller lesson.

Day 12

Veena Mar 29, 2015
Flexibility to gain. We'll begin training our back mobility today. Be sure to fully warm up before training. Follow the order of the related lessons performing 1 set of the conditioning lessons. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds doing 2 sets for

Day 13

Veena Mar 30, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Foam roll any areas that feel tight and enjoy your day.

Day 14

Veena Mar 30, 2015
Stretch to maintain using the flowmotion routine.

Day 15

Veena Mar 31, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Enjoy your day of relaxing.

Day 16

Veena Mar 31, 2015
Flexibility for gain. We will be working on improving leg lines today.

Day 17

Veena Apr 1, 2015
Stretch to maintain. We'll be using the Flowmotion routine, but because yesterday was a training day listen to your body and do not push. Can you still stretch if you are stiff or sore? Watch the lesson and find out.

Day 18

Veena Apr 1, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Tomorrow we will be training flexibility so be sure to rest up and drink plenty of water.

Day 19

Veena Apr 3, 2015
Flexibility to gain. Today we will train back mobility. Perform all exercises for 3 sets and 10-15 reps.

Day 20

Veena Apr 3, 2015
Stretch to maintain. Today we will focus on stretching the lower body. Perform all stretches for 3 sets holding for 30-60 seconds.

Day 21

Veena Apr 5, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Enjoy this rest day, tomorrow we will be doing splits training. Foam roll if you like.

Day 22

Veena Apr 5, 2015
Flexibility to gain. We will be training muscles for the front splits. Remember to warm up fully and never train cold.

Day 23

Veena Apr 6, 2015
Rejuvenation day. Enjoy this day of rest. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Feel free to foam roll if you like or perform some other light exercise like stretching or walking.

Day 24

Veena Apr 6, 2015
Stretch to maintain. Remember this is a stretching day so do not stretch beyond comfortable range of motion. Perform 3 sets of each stretch holding for 30 seconds.

Day 25

Veena Apr 7, 2015
Flexibility to gain. We will be training the back today and will begin with strength training for the chest and back. Perform each of the advanced individual stretches for 2 sets holding each for 10-30 seconds.

Day 26

Veena Apr 7, 2015
Rejuvenation day and foam roll. Please keep today as a rest day. We will foam roll areas that were focused on during yesterday's training.

Day 27

Veena Apr 8, 2015
Flexibility to gain. We will be training the lower body today working our front splits.

Day 28

Veena Apr 8, 2015
Rejuvenation. Remember rest is an important aspect of training, so don't skip today. When using the foam roller, roll for 30 seconds or longer for each muscle.

Day 29

Veena Apr 9, 2015
Stretch to maintain. We will be stretching the whole body. Tomorrow is our last day. Before using the Flowmotion routine, foam roll for 30 Seconds for each lesson for a total of 3 sets.

Day 30

Veena Apr 9, 2015
Flexibility to gain. Congratulations you made it! We will be doing flexibility training for middle splits. Looking to continue your stretching journey? Don't stop now, keep training by starting again at day 14. You can continue using this program as
After learning a new move in class, I always check out the lesson on StudioVeena to get extra tips and to make sure I have learned all I can to make it right, and safe!
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